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Rex Briggs

Rex Briggs is the founder of Marketing Evolution, a firm that helps clients measure advertising and marketing effectiveness. Inc. Magazine named Marketing Evolution the fastest growing marketing ROI measurement company in America. Briggs coauthored the critically-acclaimed book What Sticks, Why Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds. And was named one of the dozen “Best and Brightest” in media and technology by Adweek. SIRFs-Up – Catching The Next Wave In Marketing has already hit the #1 slot on Amazon.com and the best sellers list on Barnes & Noble.

tells the story of how brands such as Coca-Cola, Best Buy, MTV have saved billions in wasted advertising spend with equations known as Spend to Impact Response Functions (SIRFs) and how it will become an integral tool for marketers of every size and vertical for allocating budgets, and forecasting business results. Marketing ROI guru Rex Briggs uncovers the secrets of SIRFs, tracing its evolution into today’s leading software-planning tools. SIRFs-Up takes you inside the boardroom of Victoria’s Secret, into the halls of Nestlé and onto the presentation floor at the Masters of Marketing conference to see how CEOs, CMOs and industry insiders use SIRFs to make key marketing decisions and find more than 30 percent increase in ROI.

 About the Author:

Mr. Briggs was named one of the dozen “Best and Brightest” in Media and Technology by AdWeek, and one of the people to “watch and learn from” according to BrandWeek.  The Industry Standard called him a “data god” and a cover story by Business Week referred to Briggs and his work as fundamentally changing marketing. 

The breadth of awards Mr. Briggs has won speaks to his broad based expertise.  Honors include:

Rex started his career at the strategic market research consulting firm Yankelovich Partners, where his clients included McKinsey & Company, IBM, Toyota, Nissan, AT&T, Hearst Magazines, Fox Studios, Disney, and Microsoft. Before he was 30 years old, his marketing theories were being taught at Harvard and published in several books.  Today, at Marketing Evolution, he leads with the mantra, “Test, Learn, Evolve.”

In SIRFs-Up – Catching the Next Wave In Marketing, Briggs provides compelling evidence that the influence of SIRFs is growing—those that ride the wave will profit; while those who miss it will find themselves washed out to sea.




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