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Richard Reider

Richard Reider, president of RaR Consulting, LLC, has over 30 years of marketing and sales experience, 28 of which were with the Miller Brewing Company where he specialized in sports and entertainment marketing. Since 2010 Mr. Reider has joined the faculty of Marquette University as an Adjunct Professor. His classes include aSports Sponsorship and Negotiationworkshop in the Law School andSports Communication, a graduate course that is part of a Masters of Leadership program. In addition Mr. Reider has been consulting and leading long term strategic planning for a non-profit in the Twin Cities.

Mr. Reider was Manager of Sports and Entertainment Marketing at Miller for over 16 years. He was responsible for managing a variety of local and national properties including the Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Red Wings. He also has extensive experience in boxing, golf, pro-beach volleyball, UFC, motorsports and college sports. Mr. Reider is very seasoned on managing media packages inside sports deals. Relating to entertainment and event marketing Mr. Reider led Miller’s initiatives on a number of tour sponsorships, promoter and venue deals and branded programs. He also led Miller’s initiatives relating to film and TV product placement. His expertise lies in negotiations and contract stewardship, project planning, agency management, budgeting and event execution.

Since 2011 Mr. Reider has led a number of workshops for specific ANA members including the LPGA, MLS, The Southern Companies and the Disney Theatrical Group.

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