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Marketing Project Coordinator — One-to-One Customer Communications Management


Allstate Insurance Company


Northbrook, IL

Job Description

The Team

To lead the planning and development of integrated consumer/customer communications that build Allstate Brand consideration, preference, loyalty, and meet marketing business goals. To drive brand consistency and broaden the brand footprint across all media based on business goals and brand standards and guidelines. To deliver those communications with operational excellence.

Integrated Marketing Communications partners with other areas of Marketing and throughout the organization to ensure all consumer communications are strategically aligned against business goals and objectives.


Support the enterprise goal of evolving customer 1-to-1 communications across the Allstate Brand to create a gratifying customer experience and contribute to improved brand loyalty. The position will be part of the Integrated Marketing Communications Team that is assessing current customer transactional communications and developing recommendations for improvement and elimination.

The primary responsibility of this individual will be to work with internal and external resources to create and produce branded customer communications and support a wide range of business partners. The candidate will also act as a business point of contact to help implement technology programs that support goals of communications reduction, consolidation, better sequencing.

The role will lead the development of a wide range of customer 1-to1 communications, create and maintain project status documents, and project briefs, follow current processes, and offer recommendations for process improvement and assist in the measurement and analysis of programs and materials.

This candidate is required to "put the customer at the center" to drive improved communications and a better customer experience, possess solid prioritization skills to manage a large volume of fast-moving work, and demonstrate good understanding of marketing communications.

Key Responsibilities

Includes leading teams in content development, all aspects of the approval process, and implementation of customer communications:


Experience Required

Computer Proficiency

Major Preference

To Apply

Click here to apply. Search for job number UNI09020.

$6,000 Training Credit

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