Digital Media Manager

 Purpose –

Responsibility for helping to define and execute the online marketing strategy for the Nelsons brands to increase awareness and to engage with consumers to ultimately drive sales for our products.


This role will manage all of the U.S. business digital acquisition activities.

Reporting to the US Head of Marketing, the Digital Manager will be empowered to develop, shape and implement the online marketing strategy for the key US Nelsons brands. The initial focus of the position will be to facilitate the social media strategy and branch out from there.

Key Responsibilities
  •  To develop and implement digital and social media strategy across key US (Rescue and BACH) brands by using social media to build brand awareness, grow communities and engage with brand advocates. Eventually will include Canada but not initially. To include all social platforms applicable including the influencer channel.
  • Review current choices of social media channels across our portfolio and recommend changes as per the social strategy for each of the key brands
  • Optimize all digital communication channels and measurably enhance the effectiveness of social media across our brand portfolio
  • Build and execute content for all selected social media channels based on recommended objectives; may entail executing creative from ad agency
  • Closely collaborate with the US brand managers ensure all digital activities supports and strengthens integrated brand communications
  • Ensure all digital content is compliant from a Regulatory and Legal standpoint
  • Deliver regular meaningful insights back to the internal stakeholders on performance of the brands on social media and recommend how to leverage those insights to drive actions/improvements
  • Monitor and administer reports on all branded sites performance using Google Analytics/other appropriate measures
  • Collaborate with Brand Managers and external agencies to develop web content and regularly update the website in line with the overall brand strategies.
  • Begin data collection of consumer names/info and recommend in-house solution or external email software provider (an affordable integrated digital solution) to drive customer engagement and retention.
  • Where beneficial and cost efficient, work with the sales team to recommend digital activity with trade customers to help drive visibility and sales of Rescue/BACH brands online (e.g. Amazon,, etc).
  • Share the AMS digital agenda and key learning's and results of the activities with the wider internal audience (Global marketing/individual zones such as the UK) in order to improve Nelsons digital competence and broad understanding of the benefits and share best practices.
Key Relationships
  •  AMS team: Working very closely with the Brand Managers, Insights Manager and Sales Team.
  • Agencies: work closely with external agencies generating creative and content for use on earned, owned and paid channels.
  • Nelsons Global Marketing/Geographic Zones: cross pollinate ideas across the company in order to maximize the learning's and best practices.
Essential Qualifications
  •  College degree (BS/BA)
  • 2-3 years experience
  • Social media training or qualification
Essential Skills and Experience
  •  Prior in-house digital acquisition experience from consumer goods industry with at least 2-3 years experience
  • Working on long and short-term strategy plans
  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Solid understanding of digital content and communications
  • In-depth knowledge of social media platforms and their users
  • knowledgeable about current social media trends, innovations and best practices
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Previous experience of social media management
  • Previous experience of using Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Previous experience of using Photoshop
  • Prior experience from lifestyle health care or regulated industry (e.g. pharma/OTC)
  • Passion for health care
  • Previous experience of using Sitecore Content Management System
  • Experience of choosing and implementing new strategic business systems and digital tools for marketing
  • Experience of establishing and managing relationships with digital agencies/digital solution providers
  • Advanced use of Lightroom/Photoshop
  • Advanced use of SEO
Behavioural Capabilities
  • Self motivated and highly energetic and takes initiative
  • A commitment to excellence with a positive and resilient attitude, with a drive to overcome obstacles in order to succeed and deliver results
  • Ability to learn new skills and software and ability to handle ambiguity