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Digital Content Director




Hudson, OH

Job Description

The Digital Content Director oversees all content across WBC's four websites, including multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, retention, leads, and positive customer behavior. This individual must be able to work closely with the Marketing team and other in-house stakeholders to understand their business objectives and translate them into benefit driven prose across all elements of the digital ecosystem including the websites, landing pages, blogs, social media, email, and other customer interface. Understanding how to develop an editorial content calendar consistent with customer insights, overseeing content creation, curation, and use of expert advisory panels will be essential in the success of this role. Ultimately, the job of the Digital Content Director is to think like a publisher/journalist, leading the development of content initiatives in all of their digital forms across all 4 business units. The Digital Content Director will report to the Chief Marketing Officer and will have one direct report, a Writer/Editor.


To Apply

Please contact Cynthia Galbincea to apply.

$6,000 Training Credit

ANA Member Companies, as part of their membership are offered one (1) training credit annually. 

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