Quick Bits for August 28, 2017

By Andrew Eitelbach



Five bits of marketing-related news.


78% live paycheck to paycheck

A new survey from CareerBuilder has grim news about the American worker. According to the survey, 78 percent of U.S. workers rely on their next paychecks to make ends meet, up 3 percentage points from last year. Fifty-four percent of those who make minimum wage say they have to work more than one job, but the trouble isn't limited to low-wage workers. Among those making $100,000 or more a year, 9 percent say they live paycheck to paycheck, and 59 percent at that income level admit they're in debt.



42% fewer calls

While some brands were celebrating the day, a number of businesses last Monday saw the dark side of the eclipse thanks to a drop in worker productivity. According to voice management platform DialogTech, the call volume among businesses dropped by as much as 42 percent in states that had a view of the full solar event.

2 Giants, 1 Behemoth

Google and Walmart are teaming up to take on Amazon, The New York Times reports. Google will begin to sell Walmart products through its Google Express shop, and the pair will eventually move to allow purchases of Walmart items by voice command to Google Home, Google's rival product to Amazon's Echo intelligent home speaker.



18 perfect gifts for workaholics

As Adweek reports, JetBlue has an important reminder for workaholics: take a vacation. The airline has opened an office souvenir section of its online store featuring facetious items such as mugs with sayings like "Low toner? I print anyway," clean whiteboard-scented candles, and commemorative plates celebrating the momentous occasion of finding free food in the conference room.



51% of millennials don't care

Millennials don't put much credence into brand names, according to a new survey by Cadent Consulting Group. About half of millennials surveyed (51 percent) said they have no real preference between private labels and national brands, Ad Age reports.



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