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ANA Dallas Marketing Conference Hosted by JCPenney

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Studies show that multichannel consumers spend more, shop more frequently, and are more brand loyal. To target these customers, marketers must develop the right marketing mix combining new and traditional channels to deliver an interactive and engaging experience in whatever medium their customers prefer to use. However, the explosion of choice has complicated the lives and practices of marketers, creating massive challenges for effective integration. This event will showcase how winning marketing strategies are developed, executed, and evaluated.

Begins:Friday, July 18, 2014 at 8:15am
Ends:Friday, July 18, 2014 at 3:00pm

6501 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75024-3698

Friday, July 18, 2014

Continental Breakfast



Hired to lead turnaround after company lost over 30% of value and customers in less than 24 months, Debra  oversees Customer Strategy, Mobile Commerce and Emerging Platforms, Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy, Media, Digital, CRM, Creative and Design, Photo Studio, Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Events and Partnerships. While the turnaround has not been easy, early results point to a better-than-expected fourth quarter as well as the first profitable quarter in almost 3 years.  Debra will share how the company's new marketing approach has driven new traffic to the stores bucking the negative industry headwinds- in fact JCPenney traffic is outperforming the industry by 9 points.

Debra Berman

Senior Vice President, Marketing




With growing pressures in the Carbonated Soft Drink category due to health concerns, the economy, and proliferation of choice, Regan Ebert, SVP of Brand Marketing at Dr Pepper Snapple Group, will share some of the strategies she and her team are putting in place in order to continue to drive growth on their brands, including innovating against category barriers and shifting consumer targets.  Regan has been with Dr Pepper Snapple group for almost four years, and is responsible for a number of Carbonated and Non- Carbonated brands in the Dr Pepper Snapple portfolio.

Regan Ebert

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Dr Pepper Snapple Group



Becky CMO of Bob Evans Farms is maniacally focused on changing the perceptions of the Bob Evans brand from old and tired to fresh and current.  Along with the branding efforts her team’s efforts also include increasing traffic trends.  Her strategy includes bringing the simple goodness of the farm to life through menu development, new brand platform, new advertising, new approach to social and digital efforts.  Her team is also involved in looking into the future to develop a new atmosphere and building design to capitalize on the emerging eating trends of millennials.  Becky will share how she and her team are differentiating Bob Evans Farms and taking a strong regional player into a national brand. 

Becky Johnson


Bob Evans



Why do people buy? While billions of user records are collected and analyzed many organizations still find the decision making process of what to do with the information uncovered frustrating.  There often is an inability to correctly credit the sales among various media and meet their ROI goal.  Winning companies, especially retail organizations, are breaking down the walls between digital attribution analytics, marketing mix modeling and customer segment analytics. During this session, Dan Eggleston will use case studies, including a retail example, plus draw on his personal experience on the integration of these approaches to align predictive analytics with the current marketing ecosystem.

Dan Eggleston

Sr. Vice President, Strategic Account Management

Ipsos MMA




General Session Cont.



Just prior to their merger with US Airway, American Airlines changed its look on the outside to reflect the progress they made on the inside, including the development of a new logo and refreshed exterior of their planes. Rob Friedman, the marketer who led this innovational change will outline the steps in this journey to create the new American; why they made the change, how they drove it to fruition so quickly, and how they were able to focus on the finish line despite all the noise created by the upcoming merger.

Rob Friedman

Former CMO

American Airlines



Anyone that works in marketing has heard the increase in buzz around content marketing. Creating interesting content is important, but that’s not all there is to it.  Savvy brands are focused on building meaningful audiences for their content and driving real business results. To accomplish this, a holistic strategy is needed.  Steve Moynihan will discuss the latest lessons and best practices on how to build a solid content marketing strategy. Specifically he will discuss a framework for holistic content marketing strategy including analysis, creation, promotion, and tying to business outcomes by using real life case studies on how brands are approaching content marketing.  Steve will also review the importance of measuring and reporting content marketing success.

Steve Moynihan

Vice President, Marketing




Brands can either talk about themselves or let their best customers do the talking. The latter is more believable and effective. With trust in advertising falling sharply, marketers who use social as an ad channel are fighting against a strong headwind. But with trust in personal recommendations at 92 percent and growing, marketers who use social strategies to spur real advocacy get the wind at their backs. Doug Levy will share the social strategies that can drive marketing results.

Doug Levy




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