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Agency Relations Members Only Conference @ JCPenney

This event is over.

The conference will explore ways to enhance and improve the client/agency relationship dynamic to help lead to the best possible work and optimal business results. Topics will include:

  • The latest trends in digital agency compensation
  • How clients and their agencies incorporate digital and social media channels within their organizational structures to develop strong working relationships
  • Best practices on ways that clients and agencies can work more effectively together to build big ideas from key consumer insights

Join us for a fun and informative day hosted by JCPenney in Plano, Texas. This event is free to ANA members and limited to ANA members and invited guests.

Begins:Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 8:15am
Ends:Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 4:00pm

6501 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75024

8:15am Breakfast

When agency relationships last a decade or more, how do both parties continue to innovate and plan for the future? Barkley and Blue Bunny have been working together for nearly 15 years, and in that time, their work includes not just marketing, but research and development, operations, sales and much more. In fact, Blue Bunny has its own room at Barkley and is involved in many internal development meetings at the agency. How does this relationship happen? How do you sustain it? And how do you make creativity and innovation last?

Brad Hanna
Senior Vice President, Group Account Leader

Dave Smetter
Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications

Wells Enterprises, Inc.

The heart of the Jack in the Box brand is all about taking risk. In 1995, the launch spot in the ad campaign showed Jack blowing up the boardroom, symbolizing a whole new start for the company and the brand. For nearly two decades, the Jack ad campaign has been a key factor in helping this regional fast food company compete with major national players. Through economic downturns, the emergence of social media and a changing consumer base, a client/agency partnership open to taking risks has kept the brand surprising and relevant to millions of consumers over the years. Learn how transparency, mutual trust and a total commitment to partnership formed the foundation for a seventeen-year relationship between Jack in The Box and their agency, Secret Weapon Marketing. Hear why this foundation endures, how it has evolved and why it continues to produce relevant insights that drive loyalty in today's consumer environment.

Terri Graham
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Jack in the Box, Inc.

Joanne O'Brien
Group Account Director
Secret Weapon Marketing


Given the rapidly changing digital media landscape, the ANA has conducted a biennial survey to stay on top of the trends in digital agency compensation practices. This session will provide a "hot off the presses" overview of the latest, 2011 survey. Research findings will cover how a diverse variety of digital services - online advertising, social, mobile, search, e-mail, etc. - are serviced and compensated for.

David Beals

Justin Lambeth
Vice President, Marketing
Frito Lay

Jill Nykoliation
Juniper Park

All marketers understand that the best marketing solutions take place across channels and over time. As this became increasingly apparent, marketers tried to put agencies in the same room and simply say - "ok, now work together." Realizing this didn't work, the challenge to success has become the alignment of various specialty and global agencies on the roster - getting them to work together by defining roles, responsibilities, and rules of engagement to drive success for the brand. This presentation dives into specific keys to success: what works, what doesn't work , and how to put brand growth at the center of the multi-agency equation. It will provide tools and approaches to ensure alignment and collaboration around a common goal - brand success in the marketplace - and will focus on four key areas: 1) the kickoff process, 2) the working process, 3) the decision-making process and 4) the results.

Marc Landsberg
Chief Executive Officer
MRM Worldwide

3:00pm Adjournment

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