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ANA/Effies: Effective Marketing & Media Insights @ Time Warner Cable (Members Only Conference)

In a dynamic and ever-evolving marketing landscape, the distinction between ‘media’ and ‘creative’ is becoming harder to make and ideas are expected to inspire thoughtful dialogue about the ever-changing industry. Brands must take advantage of all channels of communication in order to establish unique connections with their consumers.

Whether mainstream or unconventional, television or digital, what does today’s most effective work look like?

On September 12th, in New York City, Time Warner Cable will partner with ANA and Effie to host the ANA/Effies Members Only Conference on Marketing & Media Insights. The program will showcase winners of the 2014 Effie Awards North America program through case studies that will focus on best practices for bringing ideas to life, key insights and industry trends. The Effie Awards recognize the most effective advertising – advertising that drives results – and their mission is, “to recognize, educate and encourage effectiveness among the marketing communications industry.” Join us as we celebrate this year's elite in the marketing community.

Download the ANA Mobile Event Guide at e.ana.net.

Begins:Friday, September 12, 2014 at 8:15am
Ends:Friday, September 12, 2014 at 3:00pm

10 on the Park At Time Warner Center
60 Columbus Circle, 10th Floor (Columbus Room)
New York, NY 10019

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Friday, September 12, 2014



General Session



All performing arts organizations are facing the reality of an aging audience base.  While New York City Ballet (NYCB) is attracting more young adults than its peer institutions, more still needed to be done to attract and cultivate a young adult audience.  To do this, we created an initiative called NYCB Art Series, which enhanced the relevance and social cachet of attending a performance by transforming the ballet-going experience in an authentic way for the brand.  Learn how shifting your marketing approach from “campaigns” to “initiatives” can jump start your brand and activate your target.

Karen Girty

Senior Director, Marketing & Media

New York City Ballet

Lauren Neuman

Account Director

DDB New York

Mary Bakarich

Brand Planning Director

DDB New York



A New York Times study in late 2012 contained a startling statistic: 75% of American approaching retirement age had less than $30,000 in their retirement accounts.  It's a scary figure that epitomizes the crisis that we are facing as individuals and a society.  Unfortunately, after the market crisis in 2008 and a constant news cycle of hype and hysteria, many of us were afraid to step back into investing.  Instead, we were holding onto cash at the expense of seeking growth.  BlackRock decided to take on the challenge and encourage all of us "To Be An Investor Again."  We launched a bold and forward facing campaign across print, and digital media—devoid of pandering or promising the unattainable.  BlackRock decided to have an adult conversation about what we do with our money, and found an audience that was desperate for intelligent engagement.

Craig Brown

Global Director of Brand


Russell Messner

Global Managing Director

Ogilvy & Mather



Fifteen years after inventing online travel, Expedia was the undisputed category leader. But that lead was in jeopardy. The category had become commoditized and price-driven. In addition to a shrinking SOV, Expedia’s media spend was decreasing. To preserve its leadership position, Expedia had to differentiate. Expedia set out to make travel personal again, to acknowledge that travel is about more than changing places; it’s about finding the things that change you. With “find yours,” Expedia not only maintained its leadership, site traffic and revenue grew beyond expectations.

Vic Walia

Sr. Director of Brand Marketing

Expedia, Inc.

Jason Knight

Head of Planning




Peeps, the iconic Easter candy, has faced steep challenges as the Goliaths of the confection category have launched seasonal competitors. How could Peeps, a brand with an annual advertising budget under $2 million, compete with brands wielding yearly ad budgets of $70 million? The “Express your Peepsonality” campaign is built on the insight that unlike most candy, Peeps isn’t just for eating; it’s for baking, crafting, microwaving, jousting and boundless other rituals. Moms, looking for ways to entertain their children during Easter, were compelled by the promise, and Peeps Easter sales increased by nearly 9% while most of their competitors saw sales declines. Discover the story behind Peeps’ triumph over the Titans.

Kathleen M. Parker

Vice President Marketing & Innovation

Just Born, Inc.

Terri Meyer

Co-Founder / Co-President

The Terri & Sandy Solution

Sandy Greenberg

Co-Founder / Co-President

The Terri & Sandy Solution


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