Content Marketing @ Walmart Stores, Inc. (Members Only Conference)

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According to a recent report by the Custom Content Council and Contentwise, marketers are spending $44 billion a year on content marketing. Content marketing has become the great equalizer, since both small and large brands can compete through great storytelling that communicates their brand or corporate ethos. Yet the challenge remains on how to successfully produce original content that engages, entertains and is relevant to core audiences while delivering on brand metrics.

Join us for a fun and informative day, hosted by Walmart Stores, Inc. at the Embassy Suites Hotel in the John Q. Hammons Convention Center and hear about success stories in content marketing. This complimentary members only conference will showcase leading marketers representing a diverse array of industries discussing their strategies behind the development of custom content, the execution of production through different media channels and the measurement of key objectives.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
8:15am Breakfast

9:00am General Session


Chief Marketing Officer, Stephen Quinn, and SVP Creative, Andy Murray, are responsible for leading Walmart into the Content era of Marketing.  Stephen will give an overview of the case for change at Walmart, and Andy will talk about Walmart’s Content Strategy and how to partner with Walmart on this journey. 

Stephen Quinn
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Walmart Stores, Inc.
Andy Murray
SVP Creative Walmart Stores, Inc.


As Associate Director, Content and Social Marketing, Sage Wodarz is responsible for defining content strategy and identifying content partners for Kraft brands looking to create, curate and distribute branded content.  In this session, Sage will share how Kraft learned the true value of their content and rebuilt their marketing around it.

Sage Wodarz
Associate Director, Content and Social Marketing Kraft Foods Group


After liquidating in late 2012, Hostess was left for dead. Five months later, new ownership wanted to resurrect the iconic maker of Twinkies. But this nostalgic brand, popular only among older moms, needed to reach a younger audience to survive. So it made a play in major markets to generate buzz, and leveraged content marketing and social media to turn that buzz into national awareness.  When stores sold out of product within 48 hours of launch, it wasn't just a comeback. It was the sweetest comeback in the history of ever.

David Leavitt
Vice President, Marketing Hostess Brands, LLC
Pamela Sandler
Senior Vice President, Digital Experience Director Bernstein-Rein Advertising
12:00pm Luncheon

1:00pm General Session Continued


Content marketing is all the rage, but is it just a trendy fashion or another word for good advertising?  And, how do you balance different content strategies for different types of brands, or measure real results – like more inquiries, more satisfied constituents - or decreased costs.   The next five years will see a strategic inflection for marketing and advertising - and content will be at the core.  This session will talk through the business case, the process, the tactics and real-life examples of how real brands are using content to drive real marketing results.

Robert Rose
Chief Strategist Content Marketing Institute

Fresh Take On Ore-Ida

Consumers want more fresh food, more information about the food quality of what they eat and content about what they are eating. Take a walk with H.J. Heinz Company through the Consumer Journey to discover how they have created Fresh Content to reengage with consumers around their brand story, quality POD’s that are worth paying more for, better for you food options and delicious.  This is a story not to be missed, as H.J. Heinz Company will share the consumer journey development and the fresh truth in content as they reengaged with their consumers.

Diane Kosobud
Director, Customer & Consumer Insights H.J. Heinz Company
Ashley Tople
Brand Manager H.J. Heinz Company
2:45pm Conference Adjournment