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Marriott: Creating the 360 Travel Experience from the Outside In

In this presentation, Brian J. King, global brand officer of Marriott International, Inc., revealed key insights from the point of view of Marriott, an innovative global brand leader, and shared critical new ethnographic research from Video Lives, co-created by Marriott, MEC, Tremor Video, and Sonic Rim.

Valspar: Using Marketing Innovation to Shake Up a Category

In this presentation, John Anton, vice president and general manager of Ace Business Unit at the Valspar Corporation, shared how marketing innovation took Valspar from a private-label manufacturer to a leading do-it-yourself consumer paint brand in just six years.

Hennessy: Reinventing a Classic for a New Generation of Consumers

In this presentation, Rodney Williams, senior vice president, Hennessy USA at LVMH Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, shared the success story of the brand’s growth and rebranding through a strategic marketing and advertising campaign aimed at Millennial minority men.

Scaling an Authentic Brand While Keeping It Honest

In this presentation, Seth Goldman, co-founder, president, and TeaEO of Honest Tea, Inc., shared insights and challenges in maintaining authenticity during Honest Tea’s innovative, mission-driven growth into a top-selling organic bottled tea company as part of The Coca-Cola Company.

Marketing 2020 – Organizing for Growth

Marketing 2020 – Organizing for Growth was initiated to focus on how marketing can best align strategy, structure, and capability to support business growth. The platform offers CEOs, CMOs, and their teams strategic frameworks, practical guidelines, and tools to increase marketing effectiveness.

Subway: Brand Building in the Social Sphere

In this presentation, Tony Pace, chief marketing officer of Subway Restaurants, shared examples of Subway’s integrated approach to marketing and advertising across the social media sphere.

Chrysler Marketing: This Is What We Do

In this presentation, Olivier François, Chief Marketing Officer of Chrysler Group LLC and Fiat Group Automobiles, encouraged marketers to align the product with the audience, moment, and culture.

Experiencing Walmart: Knowing and Doing the Will of Customers

In this presentation, In this presentation, the largest company on the planet remains relevant and ready to face the current challenges of the marketplace by staying agile, innovating, and putting the customers in charge.

General Electric: Brands in Motion

In this presentation, Beth Comstock, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at General Electric, shared insights on how to grow a brand when it’s constantly in flux — and build it to last.

Mars Chocolate: Amazing Occurrence, The World Agrees on Something

In this presentation, Debra Sandler, president of Mars Chocolate, discussed how Snickers became a global brand on the strength of one universal truth: you’re just not yourself when hungry. Becoming a Customer Company

As seen in this presentation, allowed companies to network and streamline their process of connecting meaningfully with customers.

Developing Engaging Content That Performs

This webinar presentation discusses how marketers are evolving to become more like publishers and are generating "Big Content."

Old Navy Case Study

In this presentation, Michele Schuh, Director, Media, Old Navy Marketing shared how the company leverages integrated media including digital, social, and mobile platforms within their back-to-school and fall campaigns.

ABSOLUT Vodka: Content Marketing Case Study

In this presentation, ABSOLUT actively engaged across screens to effectively reach Millennials through the use of creative, shareable content.

Best Practices for Building Online Communities

In this webinar presentation, key best practices for building online communities were shared.

Johnson & Johnson: Digital Marketing Case Study

In this presentation, Johnson & Johnson's Baby brand utilized digital consumer insights to target moms through e-commerce, mobile marketing, and social media.

Toolkits to Help You Effectively and Efficiently Manage Your Marketing Resources

In this session, the ANA's Marketing Knowledge Center provided an update on these toolkits, how your team can access them, and conducted a live demonstration with Q&A.

Using a 360-Degree Evaluation to Structure Overall Performance Management

In this presentation attendees heard how Bank of America implemented this challenging type of review in the very sensitive area of agency relations.

Wall Street Perspective on State of the Agencies

In this session, Brian Wieser shared his perspective on the state of the agency industry overall as well as a deep dive on specific areas related to agency relationships.

Innovation at Arby’s

In this presentation, Robin Seward, vice president, brand marketing at Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc., discussed how finding your brand’s center is essential to innovation that is broad but also relevant.

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