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When Worlds Collide: Old Ethics and Social Media

This session will explore what's allowed and prohibited on social media under the rules of professional conduct. It's murkier than you might "like."

Honda Creates Digital Campaign For Multicultural Millennials

This session discussed the decision making process behind the campaign, why Nick Cannon was selected as the celebrity spokesperson, how the various components of the campaign were chosen and utilized, and share campaign metrics in terms of success in targeting specific cultural groups.

Kaiser Permanente Connects With Latinos in a Complex Healthcare Market

In this session, attendees heard how Kaiser Permanente, the nation's largest nonprofit health plan, navigated these issues and was able to engage Spanish speaking Latinos.

TED 2014: What Marketers Need To Know

This webinar not only covered some of tremendous sessions at the conference but also the hallway conversations, and sidebars that enhance an already impressive agenda.

Kimberly-Clark Takes Programmatic Buying In-House

In this presentation, Kimberly-Clark discussed how it has increased its investment in programmatic buying, and is handling much of this activity in-house in partnership with its media agency.

The Advertiser Perspective on the Hottest Media Issues

In this presentation, the joint ANA/Forrester Research survey that asked national advertisers about their attitudes towards the hottest media issues of the moment was discussed.

American Licorice Finds Its Sweet Spot with Earned Reach

In this presentation, American Licorice shared how its brands are triggering engagement with very limited budgets.

ANA Opening Keynote: The Media Industry Must Change

Bob Liodice, ANA president and CEO, presented at the 2014 ANA Media Leadership Conference.

GroupM: Stronger Together

In this presentation, GroupM Interaction shared examples of how clients and agencies combined have been stronger than clients working on their own.

MasterCard: Leveraging Media to Connect to Consumers

In this presentation, learn how MasterCard is working toward increasing value by driving deeper consumer engagement and action to their media investment.

New Currency for Digital Advertising

In this presentation, the Kellogg Company shared how it has taken the learning from this initiative to increase the viewability of its digital advertising and dramatically increase ROI.

Xerox: Brands as Publishers

In this presentation, Xerox shared the brand's essential guidelines for content marketing.

Measuring ROI of TV Advertising

In this presentation, Eric Fischer, Director of Media, Sponsorship, and Media Analytics at Lifelock shared best practices of how LifeLock is improving the effectiveness of its television media investments and proving ROI.

Specialized Agencies: Taming the Wild West

In this webinar presentation, there was a discussion about the increased importance of interactive and non-traditional off-line channels in delivering real value.

Lufthansa: Building a Global Brand with Local Relevance

In this presentation, Florian Gmeiner, head of marketing for the Americas at Lufthansa Group, and Sharon Napier, chief executive officer of Partners + Napier, shared how Lufthansa built a customized global agency network and how the member agencies work together to achieve a common goal.

SXSW 2014: What Marketers Need to Know

In this webinar presentation, Mashable, the voice of digital culture for the Connected Generation, chronicled the best things to come out of SXSW 2014, a showcase of the best ideas in digital.

Demystifying Programmatic Buying

In this presentation, Michael Green, director of research at AudienceScience, shared how programmatic buying works through an agency trading desk and the questions every digital media team should be able to answer about its programmatic buys.

Live Nation Shares Cross Platform Media Program Case Study

In this session, Ben Long, Vice President - Strategic Alliances Technology & Innovation Lead, North America - Live Nation Network shared a colorful case study of a recent global marketing & media campaign between one of the world's largest communication platforms, Skype and the world's most powerful celebrity, Lady Gaga. This session featured how they tackle cross-platform media programs, including reach and frequency, measurement, results, lessons learned, and key takeaways for fellow marketers.

Marketing2020 - Organizing for Growth

In this webinar attendees learned how CMOs, CEOs and other marketing leaders can align their strategy, structure, and capabilities to build their brands and generate growth in the years ahead.

Hillshire Brands: Where Innovation and Marketing are Breathing Life into New Brands

Find out how Hillshire Brands feels it's critical to have an inseparable link between a company’s marketing and innovation efforts. Also hear the detailed process that Hillshire Brands is introducing to ensure its stable of iconic brands continue to evolve and grow.

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