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What Marketers Need To Know About DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms)

In this webinar presentation, attendees learned more about demand-side platforms (DSPs), a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface.

An Industry Expert Shares How to Create Long-Lasting Customer Interactions in Social Media

In this presentation, Ben Blakesley, author of Get Social: A Practical Guide to Using Social Media for Business, shared how to create social strategies and content, manage socially enabled marketing campaigns, implement channel management processes, and form relationships with current and prospective clients via social channels.

Cross-Cultural Marketing within Total Market

In this presentations, there was a discussion regarding cross-cultural marketing within total market.

Microsoft Social Media Trends 2014 on Niche Markets

In this presentation, Ivy Esquero, global consumer insights manager at Microsoft, shared how marketers can ultimately harness the power of niche networks to drive engagement with their brands.

Nissan Celebrates Social Media Innovation

In this presentation, Erich Marx, director, website and social media marketing at Nissan North America, Inc. unveiled how the brand seamlessly integrated social media into its marketing strategy.

How to Save Money Within the Advertising Production Budget

In this presentation, Valerie Light, manager, broadcast production at Verizon, and Mike Kolko, director of production tax incentive division at CAPS Payroll, shared their insights on how brands can save money and increase value through decoupling and state production tax incentives.

2014 ANA Brand Masters Conference: Key Takeaways

Check out these key takeaways from the 2014 ANA Brand Masters Conference.

2014 ANA Brand Masters Conference: Opening Remarks

In this presentation, review opening remarks from Bob Liodice, President and Chief Executive Officer of the ANA, at the 2014 ANA Brand Masters Conference.

Honda’s Comeback Story

In this presentation, Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of automobile operations at American Honda Motor Company, shared how Honda restructured its marketing department and agency partnerships to focus on innovation and communication.

Taco Bell: Ad Age Marketer of the Year

In this presentation, Chris Brandt, CMO at Taco Bell, shared how the successful “Live más” platform was designed and executed to highlight innovation and address shifting consumer behaviors and food culture.

Achieving Cultural and Generational Chemistry with Millennials

In this presentation, Tru Pettigrew, founder and CEO of Tru Access, discussed the importance of bridging cultural and generational gaps with both consumers and employees.

City Year Reaches Diverse Millenials Through Social Media

In this session City Year, an education-focused non-profit organization working in high-need communities across the country, shared how they have leveraged digital platforms for crowd sourced advertising targeting diverse college students.

NBA Inspires And Connects With Multicultural Millenials

In this session, the NBA discussed their priority to understand and evolve with this dynamic consumer segment. Attendees heard how they are creating strategies and allocating resources to help them identify, inspire, and connect and further deepen their roots with fans.

The State of Real-Time Marketing

In this illuminating webinar, eMarketer examined the big-picture challenges with real-time marketing, revealing what this trend means—and doesn't mean—as it changes the creative process, social media strategy, television advertising and more.

A Deep Dive into the Future of Mobile Location Intelligence

In this presentation, Gayle Meyers, founder and managing partner of Digital Media Review’s Industry Index, took a deep dive into the location data technologies that are powering the latest mobile advertising revolution.

Mobile at MoMA

In this presentation, Allegra Burnette, creative director of digital media at the Museum of Modern Art, shared case studies from the museum’s exploration of mobile apps, cross-device digital experiences, and mobile revenue generation.

Mobile Payments 2014: Mobile Wallets, Mobile Commerce, and Omnichannel

In this presentation, Denée Carrington, senior analyst at Forrester Research, shared the latest information on mobile wallets, mobile payments, and mobile commerce.

Casual Dining For Important Causes

In this session, Applebee's and IHOP's parent company DineEquity discussed how it has sponsored and created two unique promotional events that have become annual traditions: Applebee's Veterans Day free meals for our Veterans and active military personnel and IHOP's National Pancake Day, which in the past eight years has raised $13 million for the Children's Miracle Network and other local charities.

The TeamEdith™ Approach To Ending Breast Cancer

In this session, Gary Hall Jr., Sports Marketing Director- Edith Sanford shared insights on how the Foundation created a unique platform that empowers women to understand and embrace taking their health into their own hands while offering opportunities to corporate partners, athletic event directors, and participants to help speed the path to ending breast cancer.

Seven Trends Changing the Way Brands Market to Consumers

In this presentation, Abbey Klaassen, associate publisher at Advertising Age, explored top trends — from short-form video content to wearable technology — that have changed the way brands are engaging consumers.

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