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Trend: Convergence of Media & Mobile

With over 263 million mobile subscribers in the United States and 3 billion worldwide, the mobile phone is poised to become essential to the practice of marketing. Michael J. Becker, EVP of Business Development at iLoop Mobile, Inc., discussed the impact that mobile marketing can have on your business.

My Home 2.0 : Verizon

Representatives from Verizon and Campfire presented a case study on their integrated marketing campaign for Verizon's high-speed broadband service, which combined traditional marketing with social media, block party events and a television show featuring the product.

Update on The Digital Transition and Digital Readiness of US Homes/Setsn

Representatives from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) shared their thoughts on the upcoming Digital Television Transition (DTV) and discussed how Nielsen would adapt this change.

Media Plan Optimization: Making it Happen

Nicholas Primola, Senior Vice President of Direct Marketing and Media Optimization at Citizens Bank discussed creating a media optimization plan, which is easier said than done, but can result in a 40% increase in your media budget.

Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

Bohnsack, VP of Research at GMR Marketing, shared GMR's proprietary research study measuring the effectiveness of components in the marketing mix and discussed GMR's approach to developing a return on investment (ROI) model.

The Production Implications of the Digital Television Transition

Representatives from the AAAAs, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), NBC, and the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) shared their thoughts on the upcoming Digital Television Transition (DTV) and what advertisers can do to help protect their creative content during this time.

Interactive Advertising & Marketing: 2007 Qualitative Research Results Final Report

Elaine Lawson, Interactive Marketing Leader at MasterCard Worldwide, presented the findings of a qualitative research study exploring the interactive marketing practices and challenges facing companies today.

Using Social Media to Connect with Moms

Ann Crady, Senior Vice President of Consumer Experience and Founder of Maya's Mom explores how and why mothers are creating a vibrant online social community, and how marketers can use social networks to start a dialogue.

B-to-B Marketing and Paid Search

Kevin Lee, Chairman and CEO at Didit, and David Ingerman, Leader for Product Innovation at Dun and Bradstreet, discussed the difficulties inherent in segmenting out the B-to-B search paid audience and capitalizing on good online leads.

Linking Up with LinkedIn

Gary Slack, Chairman and Chief Experience Officer at Slack Barshinger, discussed business-to-business networking site LinkedIn's potential as an advertising medium—via online ad placement and via direct marketing to LinkedIn members.

The Future of Conscientious Consumerism

Jim Holbrook, CEO, EMAK, and Jurgen Dold, VP, Client Services, Neighbor, discussed the current state of sustainable green marketing, sharing the story of Safeway's O Organics brand as a successful example of health and wellness marketing.

Looking Around the Corner

Stephanie Davis, director of business development at Avenue A/Razorfish, one of the world's largest interactive agencies, discussed what successful digital brands have in common and shared case study examples of strong digital campaigns at Coors and Levis.

Partnership Marketing

Westfield works with companies to elevate their experiential marketing in a shopping center environment. Carl Schloessman, VP, Partnership Marketing, Westfield and Tim Owen, Director, Partnership Marketing Northwest Region, Westfield, shared Westfield's approach to creating one-of-a kind experiences for the targeted customers of clients such as Vespa, American Express, and H&M.

Distribution and Circulation Auditing —Review of Best Practices

Verified Audit, a leading provider of services for confirmation of delivery of advertising in print media, direct to home marketing, electronic and other forms of alternative media, helped provide a review of best practices and a better understanding of the differences between distribution verification and circulation auditing.

Wall Street's View of Yellow Pages

Matt Chesler, Senior Media Analyst at Deutsche Bank, provided an in-depth perspective of the yellow pages industry covering: Wall Street's worries about the directory industry; what Wall Street likes about the directory industry; and the Deutsche Bank view of national yellow pages advertising.

Mattel's Perspective on Production Decoupling

The Mattel Worldwide Creative & Marketing Communications Group was set-up in 2005 as an in-house resource. Lisa McKnight, VP, Creative & Marketing Communications, shared her perspective on the agency models used by Mattel, as well as the scope-of-work scenarios that best lend themselves to production decoupling.

How Charles Schwab Quantified the Business Impact of Online Media & Search Marketing

A partnership between Charles Schwab, MarketShare Partners, and Google provided Schwab with the opportunity to quantify the interactions between offline and online media. Athena Dai, Manager, Advanced Analytics at Charles Schwab and Maryjo Tisor, VP, Strategy Director at MarketShare Partners shared a case study that examined the role and impact of online marketing within the context of all Schwab marketing.

Decoupling: The WFA Perspective

"Decoupling: The WFA Perspective." Steve Lightfoot, Communications Procurement Manager, World Federation of Advertisers (via teleconference from Brussels)( ANA Marketing Financial Management & Procurement Committee, West Coast, 07/29/08.

How to Build Strong Brands

Erich Joachimsthaler, the CEO of Vivaldi Partners, discussed the history of brand building and its future.

The Word on Word-of-Mouth

Dave Balter, the founder and CEO of BzzAgent, discussed the benefits of Word-of-Mouth marketing, how it can be measured, and the pitfalls marketers must strive to avoid when conducting a Word-of-Mouth campaign.

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