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Beyond Demographics: Honoring Identity

Starcom MediaVest Group Director of Cultural Identities Esther Franklin discusses the findings of a groundbreaking new study designed to help marketers understand the African-American community from the inside out-with a new approach and fresh understanding for the advertising industry.

Accelerating Shopper Marketing Speed to Value

Deloitte & Touche's Senior Manager, Scott Russell provides insight on how to avoid the Shopper Marketing Pitfalls.

Diversity in Advertising:Consequences of Culture

Dr. Rochelle Larkin Ford, APR Associate Dean of Research and Academic Affairs and her colleague, Sloane M. Signal, Sequence Coordinator for Advertising and Public Relations at the John H. Johnson School of Communications at Howard University share the results of a three-pronged approach they used to address how agencies should ultimately use diversity to craft better messages for the consumer.

Top Trends and Opportunities in Multicultural Marketing

This presentation provides information to help identify the direction of the committee research initiative.

Integrations and Measurement: What it takes to Measure and Manage ROI

Results focused, sales contributing, integrated marketing is a top priority for client-side marketers. Learn where the business is going now with two new tools that you can apply to your business today to accelerate your speed to analytics, insights, and improved results.

Trends in Marketing Leadership

Tom Seclow, leader of the Marketing Officer Practice of Spencer Stuart, put CMO tenure data in perspective and discussed the steps marketers can take to increase their likelihood of long-term success.

Midwest Marketers Committee

Linda Narbey of the ANA provided an overview of committees and pointed to some of the "best of" recent ANA committee case studies, presentations and initiatives.

Advertising 2.Oh! Campaign Development in the Digital Age

From traditional advertising, to a multitude of new media options, advertising campaign development has never been more complex, sophisticated or exciting. Learn why advertisers who meaningfully connect their brands to consumer lifestyles will be the big winners.

Playing Well In Each Other's Sandboxes: Generating Bloggers' Advocacy Through Collaboration

Using previous case studies and data from third-party research on bloggers' habits and influence, Jory Des Jardins, President, BlogHer discusses best practices in measurement, outreach and such new practices like sponsored user-generated content and advisory boards.

What Makes a Great Client?

Creative Director at Y&R New York Ryan Hose highlights numerous practices that have made client/agency partnerships a success.

The ANA Benchmarking Service

Gordon Wade highlights learnings from the surveys that have been conducted to date and outlines the steps marketers can take to dramatically improve marketing performance by utilizing this process.

Best Practices for Managing Integrated Marketing

Moderated by the Chief Marketing Officer of CoActive Marketing Group Frank Dudley the panelists discuss the finding of the 2008 Integrated Marketing Study and discuss some of the obstacles that face this accepted approach to marketing among the broad base of the business community.

Integration through Innovation

Innovation Director, Integrated Consumer Experience at Humana Inc. Tony Tomazic discusses how the consumer is being put and the center of their innovation efforts.

The Year Of A Million Dreams Celebration And Disney Dreams Giveaway

Global Project Development Manager for Alliance Marketing at Disney World Brewer Lister discusses the launch of program designed to elevate the experiences of those visiting Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts.

Do You Have Pull? Predicting Consumer-Pull Via Emotional Attachment

Marketers seek to understand how consumers select brands and media. According to NewMediaMetrics, comprehending this concept rests in understanding emotional attachment and "pull." Based on academic findings about the attachment between mother and child, NewMediaMetrics provides a quantitative way to measure consumers' emotional attachments to brands and media.

Getting the Most Quality out of Qualitative Research

Properly designed and well managed qualitative research can deliver indispensable strategic insights and valuable marketing guidance when everyone-research users, vendors, and consultants-plays by the rules. The best practices for qualitative research were reviewed in this presentation, including improving group recruitment, managing interview flow, and technique selection.

Learning to Speak Customer: Developing the Right Retail Strategy for a Challenged Economy

Gary Edwards, PhD, EVP, Client Services, Empathica Inc., discussed how their approach has helped organizations survive the economy by arming them with tools that allow them to understand and act on consumer expectations, behavior and perceptions.

The Magic Behind Disney Events

Disney World's Event Director, Special Event Management, Chris Clark shares insights on the magic behind their signature events, their planning processes, and why they are so successful.

Developing a Marketing Library

In this seminar, Gillette's creation of an online knowledge management center was discussed. Policies and procedures, lessons learned, and suggestions on possible approaches to building a knowledge management portal for the marketing function were covered.

Transforming Innovation in Your Organization

This presentation includes practical insights to help you learn how to make innovation work within your organization, including challenging the existing orthodoxies of your business model and the importance of being daring in your innovation practices.

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