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Profitable Marketing Communications

President of OptiMedia Antony Young explores the importance of marketing and how they can provide measurable return-on-investment stats to maintain a place in the corporate spending plans and avoid becoming a victim of spending cuts.

Talent Payments—An Update and a Demonstration

Gordon Wade, EMM Group, demonstrates and explains BAH's two proposed talent payment options and their cost implications.

Compensation Model Discussion

The CEO of TBWA Neal Grossman along with two other panelists explore fair agency compensation from three vantage points: client, agency, and compensation consultant. Topics of the discussion include compensation methodologies, appropriate transparency, definitions, hours, salaries, overhead, profit, and direct client expenses.

Economic Outlook and Implications for Advertisers

U.S. Media Analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Michael Nathanson provide insights into the overall health of the U.S. economy and implications for the media and advertising marketplace.

Internet Services "A Ray of Hope" in an Otherwise Bleak Economy

Wall Street expert Linda B. Gridley discusses perspectives on the overall health of the U.S. economy and implications for the media and advertising marketplace.


Production Advisors: Find the Rhythm

CEO of Production Advisors Lloyd Simons explores the role of music in advertising company brands and discusses things to consider when preparing a license agreement.

Cisco Web Marketing

Paul Martson of Cisco Systems discusses Cisco's strategies for bringing consumers to their website and then encouraging them to return through behavioral targeting and other tactics.

ABC Update & Highlights

Michael Lavery of the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) brought the committee up to date on the ABC's latest audit initiatives for newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. He also discussed the recent withdrawal of several Canadian newspapers from the ABC and the impact that this move may have on the ABC and its members.

The Value of Public Place Distribution Copies

Founder of McPheters & Co. Rebecca Mc Pheters discusses a study developed to address advertisers continuing skepticism and help them determine the usefulness of public place print distrbution.

Zappos: Building a Brand that Matters

Tony Hsieh explores the importance of focusing on the customer and the impact that a company's culture has on ensuring that the brand building and consumers are one of the top priorities.

Ethnic Marketing Evolution at McDonald's: A Relevancy Approach Model

Led by the VP of Multicultural Marketing at McDonalds, the group explores whether or not ethnic marketing is evolving from dedicated funded programs and tactics for each segment, to one of dedicated programs plus extensions of general market efforts.

Ethnic-Specific Marketing: When It Matters

During this thought-provoking session Global Director of Communications Insights and Research at OMD Mike Hess and Group Director of Primary Research and Insights at OMD Pamela Marsh highlight controversial findings from their study which found that ethnic groups maintain their ethnicity in significantly different ways.

Media Ratings Council: Audit of C3 Ratings/DTV Transition & Impact on Ratings

The Media Ratings Council (MRC) give an update on the progress of their audit of the unaccredited Nielsen C3 ratings and provided an overview of how the DTV transition might impact the measurement of ratings in the future.

OVAB: Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau Update

President of Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau Susanne Alecia addresses the latest issues affecting Out-of-Home Video and the category's growth potential.

Marketing Dashboard Development

Manager of Marketing Intelligence at Blackberry, Mark Wright discusses the teams responsibilities regarding the development and implementation of Marketing Performance Measurement Analytics & the communication of Decision-Supporting Customer / Channel Intelligence to Sales & Marketing stakeholders.

Innovation and Branding: Tools and Techniques

Messrs. D'Esopo and Dixon share some of the tools and techniques they use to determine a client's most promising brand-building opportunities and how to prioritize investment in those activities.Customer Relationship Management

New Approaches for Connecting with the Consumer at Procter & Gamble

Roger Fishman discusses the work being done to help Procter & Gamble engage consumers through content development and social networking through online communities. He also discusses how this initiative has increased their understanding of the digital space, and how they as marketers can become more relevant in the lives of their consumers.

P&G Productions: A History of Programming/Marketing Innovation

This presentation examines the following: What is P&G Productions?, P&G Productions evolution and value, and Power of engaging/ connecting with the consumer through innovation.

Advertising Production Tax Incentives & Rebates

APR discusses the basics of incentive programs and provided guidelines for working with agencies to determine whether these programs may be right for you.

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