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Event Marketing Strategy Scorecard

Use this tool to briefly outline your event marketing strategy.

Exploratory Research Plan

A template to help you create a plan for your upcoming exploratory research initiative.

Facebook Page Checklist

A Microsoft Excel checklist to ensure the success of your Facebook Page.

Facilitating Insightful Focus Groups

This guide provides practical advice for conducting insightful focus group sessions.

Facilitator Evaluation Template

A tool to help you evaluate a focus group facilitator.

Feasibility Study Template

A template to help you conduct an objective and rational analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a proposed project.

Feature Advantage Benefit Tool

A template to create a matrix of product features, advantages, and benefits.

Focus Group Facilitator Selection Tool

A tool to help you evaluate potential focus group facilitators (moderators).

Focus Group Report Template

Use this tool to help you communicate the findings of a focus group.

GAP Analysis Tool (Advanced)

Use this tool to analyze your organization and identify gaps in your capabilities.

Hypothesis Testing Tool

This template will help you test a hypothesis as part of a market research effort.

In-Depth Interview Guide

Use this template to create a plan and guidelines for conducting in-depth interviews to gain insight into a market research problem.

Issue Log Template

A tool to help you keep track of the project

Key Account Analysis

Use this to assess key accounts, forecast future sales, key success factors, and competitors.

Key Account Reporting Tool

Use this tool to create an action plan to win more business from your top accounts.

Key Marketing Metrics Dashboard

Use this to define, track, and report on your key marketing metrics.

Key Success Factors Tool

A worksheet to identify and document key success factors, risks, and contingency plans.

Lead Acquisition Model

Use this process diagram to communicate your lead generation & nurturing process.

Lead Generation Maturity Assessment

Use this tool to evaluate your organization

Lead Generation Metrics Dashboard

Use this tool to define, track, and report on your key lead generation metrics.

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