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Happy People Making People Happy

By shining the light on the unique customer service culture of Zappos.com and bringing a powerful idea, "Happy People Making People Happy," to life, we differentiated the brand and changed consumer perceptions. Our campaign made consumers realize that Zappos.com was much more than an online shoe vendor.

Here’s to Doing Good: Finnegans Brand Re-launch

After nine years on the regional scene, beer drinkers had heard of Finnegans, but surprisingly few were aware of their charitable mission — to fight poverty by giving 100 percent of the company's profits to local charities. Our mission was to revitalize the Finnegans brand, increase its distribution and sales, and gain more awareness and understanding of the righteous mission behind the brand.

Hiring America to Launch a Product

Just Dance was a new product with a modest marketing budget, but a grand goal: become the leader of the dance game category. We had to do more than market the product, we had to start a movement. By 8/31/10, the campaign yielded over 6.1 million unique views, over 10,000 unsolicited user-created videos, an AdWeek top-ten TV spot, and over 2 million units sold.

Home Collections Launch

The launch of Febreze Home Collections at Walmart propelled Febreze from no. 3 position in the air-care category (behind Glade and Air Wick) to no. 1. Our mission was to steer traffic and sales away from specialty air-care retailers (like Bath & Body Works) to Walmart.

Hot in Cleveland Campaign

Transitioning from reruns to original programming with our scripted sitcom Hot in Cleveland, TV Land needed to bring in lots of new viewers with a modest marketing budget.

How We Took the GRANNY Out of GRAMMYs

The GRAMMYs were perceived as an irrelevant, out-of-touch award show celebrating a dying industry. We set out to make them relevant, establish connections with fans and increase ratings by focusing on one truth: artists do not make fans, fans make artists.

Huntington Bank Brand Re-launch

In the aftermath of a decade of corporate greed and consumer distrust, followed by the worst economic crisis since the depression, consumers had no loyalty or trust in banks. Huntington Bank successfully repositioned in one of the toughest climates.

IBM SmarterCities Program

For the first time in history, 50 percent of the global population lives in cities. While this is a major business opportunity for IBM, there are many challenges to overcome. The solution was a modern educational program aimed to elevate the practice of city leadership, the role of IBM within it, and the value it creates for citizens.

James Ready Bar-Ter Night Campaign

James Ready is in the discount beer market, a highly competitive segment that's 40 percent of total beer sales in Ontario with over 40 different brands. To help their drinkers, and more specifically, poor university students, JR created the Campus Bar-Ter Night, which yielded a sales increase of 8.51 percent and market share growth of 31.01 percent.

Making Something of Nothing

At a time of great need, facing a problem of daunting scale, the barrier that nothing can end hunger was turned on its head to become a brand and a rallying cry for the state of Rhode Island. New distribution channels, new brands and new customers were all evidence that an idea can tackle even the biggest of problems.

Making Waves

Discover Boating, a boating awareness and general interest group charged with promoting this recreational pastime, faced a tough challenge when the economy plummeted and sent boat sales into a downward spiral. The group's main mission was to revive the boating lifestyle and generate leads by putting the blast back into boating.

MINI vs Porsche Challenge

In 2010, MINI was faced with a dramatically repressed market and no new product news. Our task was to create a campaign that would drive deep engagement around the strategy that MINI was a feisty way to move through an increasingly serious world. The idea to challenge an icon of seriousness, Porsche, to a race was born.

Mobilizing an Entire Nation

How do you convince everyone in America to mail back their Census? By convincing people that the power of the Census is in their hands. Our message literally reached 100 percent of the population, achieving a 74 percent mail return and giving back $1.9 billion to the government.

Mommy Like/Daddy Like

Minivans have always gotten a bad rap, but with the redesigned Sienna, Toyota is changing that perception. The challenge was to make the Sienna stand out from the pack and, if possible, become the minivan of choice because parents actually like it.

Montana: There’s Nothing Here

Some people think there's nothing in Montana. The Montana Office of Tourism and its agency partners took that perception and created a campaign to attract the Geotraveler, a target audience who appreciates Montana's nothingness.

Nobody Fits You Like Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant was the first specialty store that focused on a 'hard to fit' plus-size woman. Recognizing that there was a brand stigma, Lane Bryant introduced Cacique, their sexy intimates line. Our message that sexy is not a size was widely embraced and Cacique sales soared.

Photography Beyond the Still

"Beyond The Still" generated excitement and buzz for a new capability that led to a 10-point leap in dollar market share, reclaimed Canon's #1 position, and spearheaded a visionary user-generated video contest that generated more than 57 million media impressions.

Power Trumps Pretty

iPhone dramatically changed the wireless category, driving AT&T to record sales and Verizon to a six year low in growth. Verizon needed its answer to the iPhone, and it brought its agency a thick, heavy phone on a then-unsuccessful operating system. The unique campaign resulted in record sales and shattered goals.

Prius Launch: Harmony Installations

Toyota launched an all-new Prius during the worst automotive market in 40 years, facing new "Prius Killers." Prior generations of Prius were synonymous with environmentalism, but now it was time to go mainstream and engage audiences in unique and innovative ways.

Real Women of Philadelphia

For Philadelphia Cream Cheese to grow, it needed to shift consumer behavior towards cooking with the brand. Real Women Of Philadelphia grew out of a key insight that women need a new idea endorsed before they'll try it — cooking being no exception.

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