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Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens — a fact that Allstate couldn't live with. Rather than advertising to teens, we decided to change the law. We launched "Save 11," a movement designed to get Congress to pass a national teen safe-driving law. Our high impact campaign made the epidemic personal and reminded Congress that every day they didn't pass a law, 11 more teens would die.

Skip Town to Sun Valley

A summer in Sun Valley is just as nice as the winter. Most people don’t know that though. So, during the height of the summer, we gave city dwellers a taste of Sun Valley by using one of summer’s most beloved activities — skipping a rock.

Smith & Wollensky "Name Change"

Steakhouse goers are a unique bunch — once they reach a certain age they pick one and settle down, rarely deviating from their establishment of choice. In order to accelerate this behavior, Smith & Wollensky rewarded patrons who were willing to take a pledge of allegiance to the restaurant with the utmost piece of flattery: they took on their name.

Snapdragon Presents: The Bug Circus Generator

To bring awareness to the power efficiency of Snapdragon mobile microprocessors, the brand created the Bug Circus Generator, powering a smartphone with tiny insects on circus equipment. The campaign ran through YouTube video and Facebook tab components. The video increased awareness and generated worldwide publicity around a relatively unknown brand to consumers.

Stove Top Stuffing: It’s Not Just for Thanksgiving

Stove Top Stuffing had a problem. People only bought it once a year, at Thanksgiving. So, we created the Stove Top "Its not just for Thanksgiving" campaign to get people eating it year round. However, some pilgrims caught wind of the effort and were none too happy about it. The pilgrims admonished people to wait until Thanksgiving.

Taking a Bite out of Apple

In the summer of 2012, Samsung Mobile was launching the Galaxy S III smartphone four short months before Apple's eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 launch. Samsung Mobile was tasked with gaining overall marketshare for its new flagship device and stealing Apple's thunder.

The Art Heist

The Jetta GLI is a car for performance driving enthusiasts. However, successful positioning of the Jetta as an affordable car had eroded the GLI’s performance pedigree amongst enthusiasts. The “Driving can be beautiful” campaign needed to re-engage enthusiasts and translate that engagement into sales, but also halo the affordable Jetta family.

The Authentic Music Game Experience

In 2010, music video games in which users played along to rock songs using fake instruments experienced one of the greatest crashes in gaming history. That same year, Ubisoft released Rocksmith, a music game that let's you plug in any guitar and actually learn to play.

The Great American Try-On

Depend wasn't resonating with boomers and was losing share to Private Label. The category hadn't experienced true innovation in years. Depend was finally bringing breakthrough products to market, but at a 50 percent price premium, consumers didn't believe it was "like real underwear." That was until they tried it first-hand. Thus, "The Great American Try On" was born.

The Great Paper Airplane Project

The Pima Air and Space Museum's Great Paper Airplane project is a story about how a little known museum in the Arizona desert created new relevance for their physical artifacts of aviation history by making a little history of their own.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

The challenge: to transform a no-name Mexican beer into a distinctive premium brand. Faced with declining beer sales and increasing competitive spend, Dos Equis needed a counter-category message to break through. Dos Equis realized beer advertising typically insults the intelligence of drinkers, and this presented an opportunity: to be interesting, rather than infantile.

The New Possible

The Olympics is the greatest show on earth and its sponsors do all they can to match its pomp, circumstance, and spectacle. AT&T wanted to do more than mimic the scale and ambition of the Games. It wanted to enhance fans' experiences.

The New Way to Pay in Quebec

In 2011 Capital One started offering credit cards in Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec, where the brand was virtually unknown, and almost everyone already had credit cards. The Coureurs des bois campaign was built on the insight that Capital One had to position its competitors as the "Old Way", and itself as the "New Way" to pay in Quebec.

The Next Big Thing is Already Here

In 2011, Samsung had a great product but a brand problem. No one saw the Samsung Galaxy II as an industry-leading innovator. We set out to build innovation equity for Samsung and establish it as the alpha Android brand. To do this, we challenged the category leader turning the Smartphone debate into a two-horse race.

The Rise Above ‘Ordinary Laminates’

In a struggling category, Pergo launched an innovative, astoundingly durable laminate flooring product that demanded a higher price - and a message that separated them from "ordinary laminate." Through extreme performance challenges, we showcased this unsurpassed product durability and justified a premium price.

TNT’s Dallas Season 1 Campaign

TNT leveraged the equity of Dallas and modernized the icon on relevant platforms. The goal was to make the show relevant to a new, younger audience and to tap into the nostalgia of the original. TNT created a campaign that was highly social and engaged fans and was viral in nature. Dallas premiered as the highest rated scripted cable show of 2012 to date.

Unleashing America’s Inner Mustang

Ford's iconic Mustang was facing a shrinking segment and its first real competition in over a decade. To regain its relevance at a critical moment in the category, Ford changed the conversation around the greatest driver of purchase in the segment, exterior design. The highly social "Unleash Your Inner Mustang" campaign wielded digital, mobile, social, and traditional channels in innovative ways.

Urban Dash

Rather than watch their competitors race by, New Balance focused on NYC to launch a flagship store that would serve as the beacon of their re-commitment. An innovative smartphone app broke the monotony of urban running and challenged runners to locate virtual batons dropped throughout NYC, with the new store as the finish line.

Virgin Mobile "A Higher Calling"

To grow the business, pre-paid carrier Virgin Mobile needed to overcome negative category perceptions and close the credibility gap with larger competitors. Outspent 5-1, with growing commoditization, Virgin Mobile knew they had to change the conversation. Answering to A Higher Calling became the filter for every brand behavior.

Who’s Got An Agent?

After a year of losing the battle over price, State Farm needed to remind people why it brought them extra value.

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