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Deciding When to Conduct an Agency Search

Written by Brian Goodall of R3:JLB, this ANA Insight Brief looks at the steps marketers need to take before entering into an agency search. The first of three Insight Briefs on the search process, Goodall explores the risks and benefits of beginning the hunt for a new agency in this Insight Brief.

Marketing Research: Helping You Connect with Consumers

This compilation of resources on marketing research contains information on improving qualitative research efforts, web analytics, and social media research tools, as well as ANA member case studies.

Scope of Work: The Devil is in the Details

This compilation of resources on scope of work includes best practices, ANA member case studies, and information on managing agency relationships.

Production Decoupling: An Emerging Industry Trend

This compilation of production decoupling resources includes case studies from ANA member companies Mattel and Hewlett-Packard, information on the growth of production decoupling in the U.K., and the benefits and challenges of working with a production agency.

Legal Affairs: A Changing Environment

Topics covered in this ANA Insight Brief include self-regulation and online privacy issues, green marketing and the government, online behavioral targeting, and the emergence of cloud computing.

Using Syndicated Research to Define, Reach, and Persuade Target Markets

Industry experts from Ipsos Mendelsohn, a market research firm, discuss how marketers can successfully use syndicated research to reach their target markets in this ANA Insight Brief. A case study featuring an appliance manufacturer is also shared.

Marketing Audit 2.0 — The Integrated, Collaborative Marketing Audit

ANA member, Bob Siegal, Director, Management Advisory Services, Prager and Fenton LLP, shares a new approach to agency auditing that encourages increased collaboration and integration in this ANA Insight Brief. Case studies featuring a national retailer and a videogame publisher are also shared.

Managing Commercial TV Production in the Digital Age

In this ANA Insight Brief, industry expert William T. Begina, CEO, Triad Consulting Corporation, discusses the ins and outs of commercial TV production management, including best practices for commercial TV production, a look at what’s next for the industry, and a case study featuring a consumer goods company.

Brand Equity and Accountability

James R. Gregory, CEO and founder, CoreBrand, shares his thoughts on brand valuation and accountability in this ANA Insight Brief. An AFLAC case study is also shared.

Market Research: In Transition

Stacey Symonds, director, consumer insights, Orbitz Worldwide, explores the history and future of market research in the U.S. in this Insight Brief. A firsthand ANA member case study from Lands' End is also shared.

Maximizing Media Agency Value: An Eight-Step Program

Industry expert, Steve Fajen, president, Steve Fajen Consulting Inc., shares an eight-step process for maximizing media agency value in this ANA Insight Brief.

How to Determine Marketing ROI

Don Sexton, Professor of Marketing, Columbia University, explains the concept of Customer Value Added® and how it can help marketers determine ROI in this ANA Insight Brief based on his acclaimed book, Value Above Cost.

Effecting the Shift: Let the Transformation of Marketers Begin

Industry expert, Scott Davis, senior partner, Prophet, breaks down his acclaimed book, The Shift, in this ANA Insight Brief, sharing the five steps that marketers can take in order to lift their marketing capabilities to the next level.

Marketing Services: Procurement Best Practices

Industry expert J. Francisco Escobar, president and founder of JFE International Consultants, Inc., takes a look at how marketers and marketing procurement can work more effectively with their agency partners during an economic downturn. Quotes from ANA members and 3rd-party consultants, best practices, and statistics are shared throughout this ANA Insight Brief.

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