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ANA Spotlight Highlights: Direct Mail

Various statistics highlight the success of direct marketing. Also, discover four tips for marketers who are using augmented reality.

Direct Mail Has Pull

Direct mail is a cost effective lead generation tactic. It also has relevance with millennials. Finding ways that allow them to interact with their mail and magazines using a smartphone or tablet will be key in keeping direct mail relevant to this generation.

Holiday Bonanza

If you think only cutting-edge companies are using technology enabled mail, you might be surprised to learn that organizations as conservative as the USPS have been testing outside of their traditional marketing.

Targeted Marketing Is Smart Marketing

Direct mail is not going away, and marketers should take notice. Direct mail done well that is sent to a highly targeted list of qualified prospects is smart marketing.

The Evolution of Direct Mail

Technology can strengthen mail’s message. Advances like augmented reality, QR codes, PURLs, and digital watermarks have taken catalogs to another level.

What’s New at USPS in 2014?

Gary Reblin, VP of new products and innovation at the U.S. Postal Service, shares his award winning efforts with digital and what’s in store for mailers in 2014.

3 Questions on Brand Growth for John Costello

John Costello, president of global marketing and innovation at Dunkin’ Brands, discussed career longevity, global brand building, and creating a culture of creativity and innovation.

5 Tips: How to Manage Virtual Teams

With advancements in technology, responsibilities for marketing to more than one region or country increasing, and companies offering the ability to work virtually from anywhere, the days of an entire marketing team working in the same office are over.

A Game of Musical Chairs

There has been considerable discussion in the nation’s capital for the past year about corporate tax reform, including calls by some for a reduction in corporate tax rates to as low as 25 percent. Proposals to tax advertising are a losing proposition for the ad community.

Capitalizing on Shifting TV Ad Dollars to Digital Video

Despite growth in digital video advertising, media planners still struggle to understand where and how to manage their overall media mix to optimize their media spend. Groundbreaking shareshift analysis establishes new best practices.

Capturing Millennials’ Attention

Much attention has been given to millennials due to their adoption of various media devices in their daily activities and their distinct media consumption patterns. Make a splash with this on-the-go demographic.

Ditch the Pitch

Marketers are flocking toward creative content in droves, but research has found that fewer than half of companies actually have a strategy in place to guide their efforts.

Game Changer

Online video is taking content marketing by storm. An recent survey found that 31 percent of brands planned on shifting ad dollars away from broadcast video and into online video.

Get Real About Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing offers marketers new way to build their brand and make it more relevant. Done well, real-time marketing has the potential to increase positive perceptions of a brand and drive consumer engagement.

Is Tablet the Ultimate Video Viewing Device?

Seemingly almost overnight, the tablet has become the standard for media consumption. Boost engagement with a multiscreen audience.

Looking Forward

What is 2014 going to look like? Bob Liodice, president and CEO at ANA, is watching advertising tax legislation, digital media value, and agency relationships.

Meet the Winners

In 2013, the ANA recognized stellar creativity, outstanding leadership, and extraordinary efforts made within the marketing community in the areas of multicultural marketing, marketing analytics, and young marketers.

Optimizing Video Advertising for the Digital Screen

The reality in the marketplace is that most advertisers do not have the time and budget to create web original content. Learn how to make the most out of repurposed TV creative.

Q&A with Paul Neto

Paul Neto, director of research and technical marketing at YuMe, discusses big data's role in advertising research, the shift of marketing dollars from TV to online, and the myths of cross-platform advertising.

Reaching Running Junkies

This case study explores an innovative campaign that boosted Mizuno’s brand favorability, increased sales, and engaged new fans via social media.

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