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Operating in the Era of Big Data

In the era of Big Data, successful brands need collaboration from their people and their marketing databases. Once the challenges around successful integrations have been conquered, the rewards can be sizable.

The Art of Storytelling

Experts in data analysis tell endless stories of companies that failed to see the big picture when it comes to interpreting their consumer data. A little creativity, they say, can make all the difference.

From the Top: Standardization Can Be Good

Initiatives like Ad-ID could save the industry up to $2 billion. Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the ANA, says it is becoming increasingly clear that we need standard setting bodies to provide order and comparability if we’re going to make sense of marketing across a multitude of platforms.

Healthy Metrics

Cleveland Clinic is setting the pace for capturing marketing effectiveness. Just as it tracks metrics on how successfully it treats patients, Cleveland Clinic also reports on the outcomes of its marketing and communications.

Maximizing Mobile

Questions remain about how QR codes are best deployed, and many marketers advise a cautious approach. Learn lessons on harnessing the power of QR codes and other mobile technologies.

Rekindling the American Dream

PulteGroup’s Deborah Wahl Meyer is revolutionizing real estate marketing and the way that Americans buy homes. She also shares her seven pillars of success.

The Diversity Dilemma

While increasing diversity in the industry continues to be a hot-button issue, ANA members like Dell, IBM, and Visa are responding to the challenge. Five best practices offer ways to create a more diverse workplace.

The Moving Walkway to the Digital Marketing Hub

Once a brand decides to address its enterprise challenges with a Digital Marketing Hub, three steps are in order. Develop a maturity model, clean up processes, and integrate creative.

The Next Big Thing

The Digital Marketing Hub is ushering in a whole new standard for engaging customers. It helps marketers solve several long-standing challenges including measurement, attribution, data and analytics, and tagging.

Too Much Data?

While the reams of new data can be difficult to manage, harvesting it can lead to more effective marketing campaigns. Learn how data analysis led to the "Green Line" campaign from Fidelity.

Trending Upward

New ANA research reveals that marketers are developing and executing more effective integrated marketing plans.Even though IMC programs are more effective today than in years past and provide greater value to an organization, the survey found that several challenges remain.

Worldly View

Read about insights from AB InBev CMO Chris Burggraeve on marketing to a global audience. He covers global strategy implementation, new media platforms, and more.

Charitable Mailings

A case study from the American Institute for Cancer Research shows that sending marketing and donation requests through the mail is still an effective strategy.

Direct Mail: You May Be Missing Out on a Powerful Tool

Mail volume might be down, but combining direct marketing with new media strategies has provided increased results. Get the top 10 direct mail best practices from the Direct Marketing Association.

Mail Drives Sales

Why integrate direct mail into our advertising? Short answer: it works. Case studies from Zappos, Dukky, and TruGreen show how mail is making a major difference in advertising and marketing campaigns of all kinds.

Agency Trading Desks Demystified

A new ANA white paper brings to light the essentials of an emerging audience purchasing model. While trading desks have been around for about four years, little has been done to educate the marketing community about their potential benefits.

Digital Buying Trends

Brands are dealing with new and evolving consumer strategies along the path to purchase. Learn about how these trends are being successfully executed by marketers.

Final Say: Creative Dissonance

Disrupting traditional creative practices is the key to success in today’s environment. Learn about Audience First, an approach Visa uses to make consumer-centric media planning the first step in the creative process.

From the Top: Moving Diversity Forward

The marketing industry has taken small steps to embrace diversity, but more must be done. Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the ANA, says despite a number of initiatives aimed at increasing the number of minorities in the industry, marketers and media companies haven't made enough progress.

Interactive TV

It's still early, but initial results for interactive TV (iTV) are promising. iTV has made significant strides over the past year, with 75 percent of U.S. TV households exposed to some type of iTV advertising.

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