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The Change Agent Agenda: Lessons Learned in the Trenches

This article from Prophet argues that for brands to grow and succeed, there needs to be change agents willing to take risks and switch directions.

The Importance of Sponsor Cross-Promotions

Cross-promotions can provide sponsors with exposure in non-traditional marketing channels, allow sponsors to access new inventory, and help sponsors build new relationships, according to this report from IEG.

Kantar Media TGI: Consumer Product Usage Report

This report from Kantar Media TGI provides product usage data from 62 countries and over 700,000 respondents.

The Price is Right! Or is It?

Pricing can be the single, most important driver of improved performance, according to this article from Prophet.

Kantar Media: 2011 Ad Spending Report

Total advertising expenditures increased .8% in 2011 and finished the year at $144 billion, according to data released by Kantar Media.

Industry Compensation Takes a Step Backwards in 2012

This 16th annual report from IEG takes a look at salary rates among sponsorship professionals in 2011.

The Shopping Channel: Marrying Brand, Pricing, and Promotional Strategy

In this Prophet Q&A with Tulin Erdem, Leonard N. Stern Professor of Business and Professor of Marketing at Stern Business School, New York University, discusses the importance of creating a pricing strategy.

Kantar Media: 2011 Digital Coupons Report

The number of digital coupon events increased by 12.3% in 2011, as compared to 2010, according to Kantar Media.

Customer Experience: It’s Not Just for B-to-C Players Anymore

This article from Prophet argues that the hallmarks of great B-to-C companies are also applicable to building strong B-to-B companies.

Eight Trends Shaping the Creative Team of the Future

This report from The Creative Group looks at how the creative field is evolving and what competencies organizations will need to embrace in order to succeed in it.

Marketing ROI in the Era of Big Data: The 2012 BRITE/NYAMA Marketing in Transition Study

This survey, fielded by Columbia Business School’s Center on Global Brand Leadership and the New York American Marketing Association (NYAMA) in early 2012, found both widespread adoption of new digital tools, and support for the use of new data to drive marketing decisions and measure marketing ROI.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

This Kantar Media-sponsored article from Ad Age looks at the challenges and impending transitions facing the pharmaceutical industry.

TVB: Media Influences Consumers in Different Ways Throughout the Purchase Cycle

The TVB (Television Bureau of Advertising) highlights findings from a recent study which examined the impact of various advertising media on consumers at each phase of the purchase funnel.

Kantar Media: March Madness Advertising Trends Report

This analysis of advertising spending for the NCAA Division One Men’s Basketball Championship, known as “March Madness,” demonstrates that the tournament has evolved over the years to become one of the most valuable events in all of sports.

50 Quick Wins for Optimal Website Performance

This guide from Mediative discusses how to maximize your website’s ROI by improving usability, enhancing landing pages, and focusing on SEO.

Conversation Triggers: Sparking Conversation with Advertising and Media

Great brand experiences are not the only factor that sparks word-of-mouth buzz, according to this presentation from the Keller Fay Group. Great marketing can also have the same impact.

Economic Uncertainty to Slow Sponsorship Growth in 2012

According to IEG, recent global and national economic crises have slowed the projected growth of sponsorship activities for 2012.

Supercharging the Path to Purchase: Using Word-of-Mouth to Drive More Consumers to Buy

NBC Universal partnered with the Keller Fay Group in March 2010 to study how word-of-mouth impacts women on the path to purchase.

A New Reality

Many marketing experts believe that augmented reality may offer a new avenue for direct mail that could help to cement the medium’s place in today’s shifting marketing mix models.

AT&T Case Study: Word-of-Mouth’s Role in Driving Sales

This presentation from the Keller Fay Group looks at an AT&T case study to determine whether or not word-of-mouth directly influences sales volume and where it fits in to the “owned-earned-paid” media model.

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