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Transitions Optical: Leveraging Passion to Build Brand Engagement

Sherianne James, marketing director at Transitions Optical, discussed best practices Transitions Optical instituted in sponsorship and event marketing to increase brand engagement with its consumers.

Hyatt Video Crowdsourcing Case Study

Neil Perry, president of poptent, and Stacy L. Snyder, director, brand experience at Hyatt Master Brand and Hyatt Regency, discussed how marketers can use crowdsourcing to reduce production costs and time to market.

What Advertisers Need to Know About Ad-ID

Harold Geller, chief growth officer at Ad-ID LLC, discussed Ad-ID, a standard for coding advertisements, which was mandated by the ANA-4A’s Joint Policy Committee (JPC) during this year’s Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) negotiations.

Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing

Douglas Van Praet, executive vice president at Deutsch LA, discussed how marketers can leverage behavioral science to change consumer behavior and increase brand success.

Citibank: Driving Integration

Leigh Jacobson, SVP and director of marketing, U.S. consumer business at Citibank, and Elyssa Gray, director of creative and media, U.S. consumer business at Citibank, discussed how Citibank strives to drive integration across its organization.

Cotton Incorporated: Leveraging Bloggers and Crowdsourcing to Build Brand Experience

Marissa Barlin, co-director, consumer marketing, strategic alliances at Cotton Incorporated, and Mandi Zansky, associate creative director at Jack Morton Worldwide, discussed Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show and the use of bloggers to curate content and build brand momentum.

Random House Publishing: John Grisham Facebook Case Study

John Pitts, vice president, marketing director at Doubleday (Random House), and Kevin Weafer, vice president, partner relations at Compass Labs, discussed their recent John Grisham Facebook campaign, which was launched alongside his new book The Racketeer.

Developing Effective Compensation and Agency Performance Measurement in Digital

Bryan Wiener, chairman and CEO of 360i and chairman of the Digital Board of the 4A’s, discussed three myths that are causing misalignment between clients and agencies around digital services and agency compensation.

Mattel’s Journey Beyond Decoupling

Meritxell Guitart, president of Hogarth Americas, Barry Jones, CEO of Hogarth Worldwide, and Crystal Ryu, associate manager of global procurement at Mattel, Inc., discussed Mattel’s journey beyond decoupling, along with some examples of how the brand was able to reach customized solutions to various business problems.

Panel Discussion on Media Procurement

Bill Duggan, group executive vice president at ANA, moderated a panel discussion with participants Eric Fischer, director of media services at LifeLock, George Giassopoulos, procurement director of global marketing and media agencies at Pfizer, and Steve Lightfoot, senior manager of global marketing procurement at the World Federation of Advertisers, on topics related to media procurement.

The New Economics of Advertising: It’s All About the Journey

David Edelman, principal at McKinsey & Company, shared recent research about consumer behavior in the path to purchase.

What’s New in Agency Compensation

David Beals, president and chief executive officer of R3:JLB, revealed results from the ANA’s triennial Trends in Agency Compensation survey.

Big Savings from State Commercial Production Incentives

Mike Rose, chairman and CEO of Ease Entertainment Services, moderated a panel discussion between production consultants and representatives from the state film commissions of Connecticut, Illinois, and Louisiana.

Driving Efficiency and Cost Savings Through Corporate Trade

Bill Duggan, group executive vice president at ANA, moderated a discussion between Active International and its clients about the basics of corporate trade, and best practices on how to make it work for your company.

Elevating the Role of Marketing Procurement

Terri Burns, strategic sourcing consultant at AFLAC, Inc., Bill Duggan, group executive vice president at ANA, and Meghan Medlock, director, committees and conferences at ANA, shared results from the Procurement Value Metrics Survey fielded by the ANA Procurement Task Force.

Marketing and Procurement: Strange Bedfellows But a Union Worth Hundreds of Millions

Jeff Jacobs, principal, marketing and sales practice at McKinsey, discussed how procurement can help marketing find greater efficiencies in a number of areas.

Miles Nadal: Perspective from an Agency Holding Company Leader

Miles Nadal, chairman and CEO of MDC Partners, sat down with Bob Liodice, president and CEO of ANA, to discuss changes to the industry and how MDC is driving optimum collaboration between its agencies and client procurement.

Procurement and Marketing — Working Better Together

Gerry Preece, senior consultant with the External View Consulting Group, discussed what is preventing procurement and marketing from working together better and how the industry can fix this.

Wells Fargo’s Blended Agency Model

Kellie Krug, senior vice president, enterprise marketing services at Wells Fargo & Company, shared a case study on how Wells Fargo leveraged a blended agency model to launch a recent mobile banking campaign.

How Analytics 2.0 is Driving Higher Marketing ROI

Patrick LaPointe, executive vice president at MarketShare, discussed the rise of analytics 2.0, which is changing marketing rapidly.

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