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How Social Media Can Bolster a Brand

NASCAR shared its groundbreaking social media platform and the way it has allowed near-real-time response to fans as well as national, local, and global media.

How to Succeed in Business…in the Age of the Customer

Cory Munchbach addressed key trends that marketers need to be thinking about to better position their business in the age of the consumer.

How User-Generated Content Sparked a Shift in Expedia’s Brand Marketing Strategy

Noah Tratt shared the way Expedia developed a new approach to content marketing and how it has moved the company forward in unexpected ways while reinventing the way the brand communicates with customers.

JetBlue Airlines Steps Ahead of the Game with Superior Digital Consumer Experience Integration

JetBlue translated the “humanness” of its brand to its digital presence and increased the number of flyers participating in the TrueBlue loyalty program, which led to a fully integrated online, mobile, social, in-flight, terminal, and loyalty experience for consumers.

Los Angeles Metro: How Its In-House Agency Helped Make Public Transit Cool

Michael Lejeune, creative director at Metro Design Studio, discussed how L.A. Metro’s studio and staff applied design strategy and thinking to the nation’s second largest transit agency, which serves some 1.5 million people each day.

Seven Years Together: Music Unleashes the Ability to Work in Concert

Evan Greene, chief marketing officer at The Recording Academy/The Grammy Awards, Carisa Bianchi, president of TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, and Bob Rayburn, creative director at TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, shared how through open communication, trust, and a shared vision, the partnership yielded a 65 percent increase in ratings and made the Grammys the second-largest social media event behind the Super Bowl.

ThinkPad Levels the Playing Field with 1:1 Global Digital Engagement

Ajit Sivadasan shared key insights and lessons on how Lenovo leveraged modern marketing tactics to increase sales globally.

What’s on Every Advertiser’s Mind: Big Content

Kristi VandenBosch, chief digital officer of Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, discussed the development of a content mapping process for a brand’s digital ecosystem and provided advice on how brands can reorient themselves around a content-first approach.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Trends That Will Shape 2014

Stephanie Frasco, vice president of social media at Convert with Content, explained why mobile, niche sites, blogging, Google Plus, video, brand ambassadors, and content sharing will be the top social and digital trends in 2014.

Siemens Shines Spotlight on Customer Stories

Bill Stabile, senior director of brand and marketing communications at Siemens Corporation, Christina Bauer, senior marketing manager at Siemens Corporation, and Amanda Naiman, marketing communications manager at Siemens Corporation, shared how Siemens has made sharing authentic customer stories a focus of its branding efforts in the U.S.

Sirona Dental Product Launch and Lead Generation Campaign

To launch a new dental product, Sirona Dental and its agency Eric Mower & Associates crafted an award-winning integrated marketing campaign that included print, email, online rich media, video, social media, promotions, and an interactive software simulator.

Del Monte Social Media Strategy

Mac Tillman, vice president of marketing and creative services at Del Monte, walked through four phases of the company’s journey towards digital campaign integration, highlighting the role of emerging technology.

2014: Forrester’s Best Practices in Digital Data

David Cooperstein, VP, research director serving CMOs at Forrester Research, Inc., shared the digital, social, and mobile trends that data will both address and require for marketing success in 2014 and beyond.

Driving Effective Messaging Through Collaboration

Dr. Lawrence Cesnik, U.S. lead for Global Customer Insights at LifeScan, Inc., shared how internal collaboration helped to launch an efficient, actionable strategic messaging study.

Forrester: Top Digital Advertising Trends for 2014 and Beyond

Susan Bidel, senior marketing strategy analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. explored how native advertising could be a powerful tool for marketers and a welcome revenue stream for publishers when executed responsibly.

Game of Thrones '#RoastJoffrey' Case Study

Jim Marsh, social media director at HBO, and Josh Lenze, account director at 360i, shared the compelling and groundbreaking campaign that generated nearly 800 million total earned media impressions and one million total engagements across platforms.

Programmatic Buying, Agency Trading Desks, and Digital Data Management Trends

Michael Greene, director of research at Audience Science and leading industry expert, shared some key trends and hot topics in digital marketing, such as programmatic buying, agency trading desks, and digital data management.

Collaborative Negotiation Practices for Win-Win Results

Stuart Shlossman, a consultant at Watershed Associates, offered insights into how a negotiation strategy focused on mutual trust and problem-solving can strengthen a deal for both parties.

Best Practices for Customer Service on Social Media

Ben Blakesley, author of Get Social, provided best practices for having better customer service interactions online.

MasterCard’s Stand Up to Cancer Program

Elaine Lawson, vice president of U.S. digital marketing at MasterCard Worldwide, discussed how MasterCard leveraged digital and social media channels to #DoGood in support of the company’s partnership with Stand Up to Cancer.

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