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Programmatic Buying, Agency Trading Desks, and Digital Data Management Trends

Michael Greene, director of research at Audience Science and leading industry expert, shared some key trends and hot topics in digital marketing, such as programmatic buying, agency trading desks, and digital data management.

Collaborative Negotiation Practices for Win-Win Results

Stuart Shlossman, a consultant at Watershed Associates, offered insights into how a negotiation strategy focused on mutual trust and problem-solving can strengthen a deal for both parties.

Best Practices for Customer Service on Social Media

Ben Blakesley, author of Get Social, provided best practices for having better customer service interactions online.

MasterCard’s Stand Up to Cancer Program

Elaine Lawson, vice president of U.S. digital marketing at MasterCard Worldwide, discussed how MasterCard leveraged digital and social media channels to #DoGood in support of the company’s partnership with Stand Up to Cancer.

Random House Gets Social with Authors

Kristin Fassler, director of marketing at the Ballantine Bantam Dell division of Random House, discussed best practices for promoting marketing messages on social media while ensuring that brand identity remains authentic.

An Inside Look at the State of Programmatic Media

Joanna O’Connell, director of research at AdExchanger, shared a brief history lesson on the rise of programmatic media buying, and took a look at the current state of the programmatic process across display, video, and paid and social media.

Emerging Technology Tools for Marketers

Brian Wieser, senior analyst at Pivotal Research, explored the opportunities for marketers to drive growth or reduce costs for their organizations through developing technology trends.

Educating Consumers on the Affordable Care Act Through Digital

Kelly Colbert, staff vice president of advertising and social media at WellPoint, and Zach Newcomb, senior vice president of client partnership and strategy at ROKKAN, shared how WellPoint launched a digital and social content strategy to educate consumers about the changing health insurance landscape.

Experiential Digital Brand Experiences

Jim Scott, founder and managing partner of mono, shared how Lucy Activewear created an interactive, celebratory experiential campaign designed to be shared on social.

Real-Time Marketing at Capital One

Patrick McLean, vice president of digital brand strategy at Capital One, shared how the bank used real-time marketing to become the most socially-engaging brand on Twitter during the 2013 NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

U.S. Marine Corps Launches a Scaled Digital Campaign

Marshall Lauck, chief operating officer at J. Walter Thompson, and Lt. Col. Ralph Hernandez, assistant chief of staff for advertising at the United States Marine Corps, shared how the Marines built a comprehensive framework of training and guidance to ensure a unified brand on social media.

3M Drives Marketing ROI Through Personalized Content Programs and Multichannel Buyer Engagement

Raj Rao, vice president of global eTransformation at 3M, and Joe Rohrlich, vice president of client success at Bazaarvoice, discussed the world-class marketing tools 3M is deploying for SEO, marketing automation, buyers’ reviews, responsive design, and dynamic content personalization, and how these are allowing faster response to empowered customers.

Dell Leverages Real-Time Data to Drive a Better Customer Experience

Vandana Singh, executive director, global customer experience and quality at Dell Inc, shared how the company uses the real-time customer insights at its disposal to drive smarter marketing and provide a better overall customer experience.

Predicting Customer Behavior Through Analytics

David McGuire, director of social media insights and target scoring at Dell Inc., and Dr. Ramesh Rajagopalan, decision scientist lead at Dell Inc., described the methods they used when working with business units and regional marketing teams to identify customers and contacts who were likely to move through the purchase funnel if treated with the right marketing touches.

Samsung Telecommunications: Using Intelligence to Expand Business Development

In this presentation, Dr. Mark Ramsey, Ph.D, senior vice president and chief data officer at Samsung Mobile, shared how the brand used advanced analytics to develop relevant technologies to grow business opportunities.

Teradata Employs Data-Driven Engagement to Increase Customer Loyalty

Michael Lummus, digital marketing solutions manager at Teradata, shared how marketers can accurately determine the precise triggers or events in the customer experience that build or erode brand loyalty through data-driven marketing.

USAA: Executing on Insight

Robert Welborn, executive director and chief data and analytics officer of applied analytics at USAA, presented the insights and findings learned on the way to integrating analytics streams with their marketing strategy and execution.

The Case for Zero Paid Media

Joseph Jaffe, author and CEO of Evol8tion, made the case for moving toward a zero-paid-media budget and provided an action plan to help brands create more retention-focused marketing efforts.

2014 Consumer Electronics Show: What Marketers Need to Know

Shelly Palmer, an advertising, marketing, and technology consultant, helped marketers make sense of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a high-level recap of key learnings, trends, and implications for marketers.

Ball Brand Jars Win Over Millennials

Steve Hungsberg, senior brand manager for fresh preserving at Jarden Home Brands, discussed how he rejuvenated the Ball brand of jars through connecting with a new type of core consumer.

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