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Building an Effective Mobile Strategy: Insights from a Leading Apps Developer

Evan Conway, EVP, marketing and advertising, Handmark, shared his thoughts on why mobile apps should be important to marketers.

Hallmark's Mobile Strategy

Mike Adams, project manager, Hallmark, shared details on Hallmark's forays into the mobile marketing world.

How to Secure the Right Agency Model for Your Company

Bruno Gralpois, head of Relationship Marketing & CRM, Clearwire Corporation, and chair, ANA Agency Relations Committee, West Coast Chapter, drew upon highlights from his book, Agency Mania, to provide methods and best practices for finding the right agency model for organizations.

Mobile at H&R Block

Amy Roberts, program director, mobile, H&R Block, discussed the January 2011 launch of H&R Block's mobile website and app.

Smart Use of Social Media: How to Minimize Legal Risk

A panel of industry experts tackled the risks and rewards associated with social media marketing, including case studies of companies that have made and lost millions with well-executed programs and old-style blunders.

The Transformative Power of M2M

Tom Nelson, group manager, emerging solutions group, Sprint Nextel, discussed the new field of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technology.

Data Breach Issues in Email Marketing

Mark Melodia, partner, Reed Smith LLP, discussed data breach issues related to email service providers.

Patent Infringement Risk Management

Cynthia Kernick, partner, Reed Smith LLP, discussed patent infringement and what brands can do to fight off patent trolls.

Social Media, R.I.P. — Is What Comes Next What Came Before?

Jonathan Salem Baskin, author, Histories of Social Media, discussed the end of social media as we know it, ways to think differently about your brand, and how to make better use of social media tools.

The New gTLDs…What Do They Mean for Brand Holders?

John Hines, partner, Reed Smith LLP, discussed ICANN’s proposal for new gTLDs. This issue could have huge financial and technological impacts on advertisers.

American Family Insurance Grows Their "Family" Through Multiple Screen Marketing

Lisa Bacus, vice president, marketing, American Family Insurance, and Telisa Yancy, director, advertising, brand and media, American Family Insurance, discussed their organization's multi-screen campaign, which leverages branded entertainment, mobile, online, radio, gaming, and video on demand.

How Disney Parks Leverages Social Media and Technology to Engage with Moms

Christie Volastro, director, Digital Marketing, Disney Destinations, Tom Aronson, digital marketing director, Disney Destinations, and Leanne Jakubowski, director, Digital Marketing, Disney Destinations discussed how Disney Parks has embraced social tools and technologies in order to broaden and deepen engagement with moms and turn them into their most passionate advocates.

RadioShack: Staying Social in a Mobile World

Adrian Parker, director, Social Media at RadioShack, discussed how the brand's focus on innovation led to successful and unique partnerships with various social media platforms.

Understanding and Reaching the New Digital American Family

Doug Anderson, senior vice president, Research and Thought Leadership, The Nielsen Company, and Radha Subramanyam, senior vice president, Media Analytics, The Nielsen Company, discussed the New American Family and explored the demographic characteristics, trends, and roles in this new family structure and how this influences media behaviors today and in the future.

Five Key Concepts for Improving Marketing/Finance Connection

Pat LaPointe, managing partner, MarketingNPV, discussed tools that marketers can use to bridge the gap between marketing and finance and to and translate marketing strategies into a language that finance will understand and value.

FM Global’s Measurement Strategy Process

Roberta Butler, vice president, brand management, FM Global, discussed how FM Global created a brand scorecard to measure the work the company was doing in the German market.

Social Media for Business

Nicole Ames, adjunct professor, Boston University School of Management, and principal consultant, Twist IMC, shared examples of marketers who are using social media successfully to grow their business.

Welch’s Heart Healthy Case Study

Jackie Alosso, associate marketing manager, marketing strategy & PR, Welch Foods Inc., and Alexandra Shea, account director, Marketing Drive, discussed Welch’s “Follow Your Heart” campaign, which they developed for American Heart Month in February 2011.

How to Socialize Your Marketing and Advertising

Harry J. Gold, CEO of Overdrive Interactive, discussed practical steps for organizations to take in order to truly integrate the power of social media into their marketing mix. Gold included several case studies from companies who use social media to weave their brands, offers, and messages into the web to make lasting connections with consumers, encourage viral promotion, and drive measurable results and ROI.

Siemens Answers Campaign

Tom Haas, chief marketing officer, Siemens Corporation, and Sean Remler, Senior Partner, global executive marketing director, Ogilvy New York, discussed keys to success for their long-term image campaign and how it has evolved since its launch.

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