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Winning Strategies with Online Video for B-to-B Marketers

Gary Lombardo, director of product marketing at Brightcove, discussed how online video can be used to acquire, engage, and convert visitors on your website, and Linda Crowe, former group manager, media and production at Sun Microsystems, presented a case study on how Sun made online video a major part of its website experience to build a community and educate customers.

Fidelity: In-House Agency Perspectives

Kimberly McNeil-Downs, VP operations and vendor management at Fidelity Communications + Advertising, shared key insights and best practices regarding Fidelity's in-house agency operation.

Goldman Sachs: How Shifts in Business Strategy Can Impact SOW Development

Melissa Sassi, vice president, corporate services and real estate at Goldman Sachs & Co., discussed the shift from multiple non-strategic relationships and fragmented brand images to large retainer-based relationships with one holding company to multiple holding companies and boutique agency relationships based on project-by-project work.

The Global Advertising Management Team—A Ford Case Study

Jana Rygiel, global advertising purchasing manager at Ford, outlined why the Global Agency Management Team was developed and how it has morphed over time.

Cultureography, a New Dimension in Consumer Insight

Mark Wolf, director, market research at Guardian Life and chair of the ANA Research Committee, and John Krubski, chairman of the International Thought Leadership Council, discussed how research and cultureography can help brands gain consumer insights.

Research Roadmap for Developing a Successful Alternative Marketing Channel

Jeff Jensen, CEO of Vesta Green Marketing Solutions, demonstrated how a progressive research program facilitated and validated the development of an innovative one-to-one marketing channel for a desirable target audience.

A Report from the ANA Procurement Task Force

James Akers, senior director, WW procurement global category lead, commercialization & communications at Pfizer Inc, and Lisa Figel, group category manager, U.S. agency procurement at Johnson & Johnson, discussed results of a survey on procurement's relationships with marketers and agencies and also provided details on the ANA's Procurement Task Force.

Intel: Measuring What Matters

Becky Brown, director of social media, Arlene Villanueva, global media director, and Beth Butrymowicz, global media manager, shared Intel's measurement program for paid and social media integration and measurement.

Amex: Maximizing the Agency/Client Partnership

Eve Reiter, VP, global agency relations, American Express, discussed the keys to a successful client/agency partnership.

Harnessing the Madness of Client/Agency Relationships

Bruno Gralpois, Microsoft's director of global agency management, described how marketers can turn their agency relationships into powerful competitive assets.

Honda: Taking Charge of Your Agency Partnership

Steve Center, vice president, marketing operations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., discussed his organization’s 36-year relationship with their agency, RPA, and what makes it work.

Kimberly-Clark: The Client/Agency Impasse

Clive Sirkin, general manager, global integrated marketing, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, discussed Kimberly-Clark’s move to an agency/client relationship that focuses on margin expansion, not margin contraction.

Panel Discussion: 10 Agency/Client Issues in Fifty Minutes

Representations from the agency world and the client side spoke about the top issues affecting agency/client relations today.

Success through Symbiosis

Rob Davis, Starcom USA EVP and managing director, discussed an evolution toward new symbiotic relationships that are mutually beneficial for marketers, their agencies, and the media and content partners they both engage.

ANA/IEG Survey Results: Sponsorships and Event Measurement

The ANA Sponsorship and Event Marketing Committee discussed the findings of a joint ANA/IEG study on the topic of sponsorship and event marketing. The survey shows that brands want to effectively measure sponsorship and event marketing, but lack the necessary capabilities to do so.

TD Bank: Building the Better Bank

Larry Albus, vice president, IEG Advisory Services Group, presented work IEG did with TD Bank that centered on putting processes and discipline around TD Bank’s sponsorship selection and evaluation program.

EA Case Study

Shawn Conly, VP, advertising and media, shared EA’s new agency model, which employs multiple agencies and has a focus on communications planning.

Redefining the Agency Model

Catherine Bension, CEO of SelectResources International, shared perspective on how many marketers are now rethinking their agency models as they embrace a more holistic view of marketing communications, putting digital at the core.

Ten Things We Learned While Changing Our Agency Model

When Vanguard decided to evaluate a shift in its agency model, it learned a number of things along the way, according to Wayne Park, principal, institutional participant services.

The Evolution of the Agency-Marketing-Procurement-Finance Relationship

The relationships between agency, marketing, and procurement/finance have significantly evolved over the last five years. Mary Ann Brennan, director, global procurement at Mattel, and Emily Vandemeer, SVP and CFO at Y&R California, discussed how the agency and client procurement teams must work together to engage and create an understanding and sense of ownership with marketing.

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