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Panel Discussion: 10 Agency/Client Issues in Fifty Minutes

Representations from the agency world and the client side spoke about the top issues affecting agency/client relations today.

Success through Symbiosis

Rob Davis, Starcom USA EVP and managing director, discussed an evolution toward new symbiotic relationships that are mutually beneficial for marketers, their agencies, and the media and content partners they both engage.

ANA/IEG Survey Results: Sponsorships and Event Measurement

The ANA Sponsorship and Event Marketing Committee discussed the findings of a joint ANA/IEG study on the topic of sponsorship and event marketing. The survey shows that brands want to effectively measure sponsorship and event marketing, but lack the necessary capabilities to do so.

TD Bank: Building the Better Bank

Larry Albus, vice president, IEG Advisory Services Group, presented work IEG did with TD Bank that centered on putting processes and discipline around TD Bank’s sponsorship selection and evaluation program.

EA Case Study

Shawn Conly, VP, advertising and media, shared EA’s new agency model, which employs multiple agencies and has a focus on communications planning.

Redefining the Agency Model

Catherine Bension, CEO of SelectResources International, shared perspective on how many marketers are now rethinking their agency models as they embrace a more holistic view of marketing communications, putting digital at the core.

Ten Things We Learned While Changing Our Agency Model

When Vanguard decided to evaluate a shift in its agency model, it learned a number of things along the way, according to Wayne Park, principal, institutional participant services.

The Evolution of the Agency-Marketing-Procurement-Finance Relationship

The relationships between agency, marketing, and procurement/finance have significantly evolved over the last five years. Mary Ann Brennan, director, global procurement at Mattel, and Emily Vandemeer, SVP and CFO at Y&R California, discussed how the agency and client procurement teams must work together to engage and create an understanding and sense of ownership with marketing.

B-to-B Marketing Leadership Study

Matthew Egol, vice president, consumer, media and digital practice at Booz & Company (N.A.) Inc., and Bill Stabile, senior director, brand and marketing communications at Siemens Corporation and chair of the ANA Business-to-Business Marketing Committee, debuted findings from a new B-to-B Marketing Leadership Study whose objective was to determine what sets B-to-B marketing leaders apart across industry sectors.

B-to-B Social Media and the Dynamics of Peer Influence

Josh Bernoff, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., described the four-step IDEA process B-to-B marketers can use to tap into customers: identify mass influencers, deliver social customer service, empower customers with mobile information, and amplify fan activity.

Cisco: Leadership in New Structures for Global B-to-B Marketing

Peter Alexander, vice president, worldwide field marketing at Cisco, discussed his company's new model for global B-to-B marketing.

Optimizing Your Marketing Investment in the New Normal: A DuPont Case Study

Heide Rowan, global brand director, corporate marketing, DuPont, discussed how DuPont has battled back against the economic challenges of 2009.

Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes: "A Simpler Way to Ship"

Greg Whiteman, manager, market research, U.S. Postal Service, Joyce Carrier, manager, advertising, media planning and promotions, United States Postal Service, and Dave Lockwood, solutions planning director, CE, discussed the approach used to ensure rigorous development and execution for the Priority Mail "If It Fits, It Ships" integrated advertising campaign, which won the Grand Ogilvy Award.

SEI: The Journey to Sustainable Growth through a Brand Transformation

Mark Samuels, CMO, SVP, corporate marketing and communications, SEI, discussed how SEI has continually evolved its business and culture over the last 20 years in order to stay relevant.

A 360° Look at the Best Practices for Choosing and Getting the Most from a Director

Jonathan Shipman, head of broadcast production North America, McCann Ericson, Skip D’Amico, brand executive producer, APR, and Brett Froomer, director, @RadicalMedia, discussed the best ways for marketers to work with directors on commercials.

If You Open the Black Box of Commercial Post-Production You Will Find Time Savings, Cost Savings, and More

John Lipuma, co-founder and CEO, PostAds Group, and Chris Furse, director, advertising, Burger King Corporation, discussed Burger King's initiatives to move towards production management consolidation.

Using Segmentation to Drive Strategy Development and Execution

Annika Olson, principle at The Cambridge Group, discussed using segmentation to guide business strategy by helping marketers understand which consumers will generate profit and what those consumers demand.

Agency Relationships Management: ANA Review

In this ANA member case study, Amy Beard, marketing and sales procurement consultant, Eli Lilly, and Richard Benyon, CEO, Decideware, presented a model for a comprehensive, structured agency evaluation program developed using ANA best practice concepts.

How Motorola Leveraged Social Media to Extend the Event Experience for B-to-B Customers

Belinda Hudmon, Interactive Marketing for Motorola Broadband Mobility Solutions, shared insights on a social media strategy that extends the experience of an event beyond the show floor through channels like Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

The Latest in Agency Compensation

Dave Beals, CEO, Jones Lundin Beals, Rich DelCore, finance director, global marketing at Procter & Gamble, Jim Zambito, executive director, agency relations and finance controller at Johnson & Johnson, and Tom Finneran, executive vice president, agency management services at 4As discussed the results of the ANA's 15th Trends in Agency Compensation survey.

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