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Mobile Advertising—An Advertiser's Dream or a Measurement Nightmare? Demystifying the Health of Mobile Advertising

Rebecca Barnett, director of mobile ad sales at The Weather Channel, and Jennifer Okula, vice-president of client and market development, Dynamic Logic, discussed the impact of mobile advertising and presented a case study of a mobile campaign.

Is Your Brand An Icon of Our Time?

OnRequest Images presented an imagery retrospective of brands over the last century, and a panel discussed brand leaders and their use of imagery in advertising.

Medill Student Case Studies: Best Buy and Condé Nast

Professors at Northwestern University's Medill graduate program in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) led their students in a discussion of how IMC learnings were successfully applied to two very tough challenges being faced by Best Buy and Condé Nast.

The New Media Mix: Connecting the Dots in a Multi-Screen Environment

Vince Messina, senior director of west region sales at Microsoft Advertising, discussed why marketers must evolve to succeed in reaching consumers across multiple screens.

CMO Roundtable: The Shift

CMOs from General Mills, ConAgra, Best Buy, and Fidelity discussed the role of the CMO in this roundtable discussion.

Kraft Case Study: Global IMC Awards and Hockeyville

Edward Bayer, director, media planning, Kraft Foods, Inc., discussed Kraft's Global IMC Awards program, which celebrates the most impactful and innovative integrated marketing campaign plans across all Kraft brands worldwide.

Media Rating Council—Ensuring Reliable Audience Measurement

Anthony Torrieri, senior vice president, associate director of Media Rating Council, presented the organization's purpose, process, and value along with recent Telephone Directory Services initiatives.

Creating Good

Global CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide, David Jones, discussed how marketing is changing as the world's economy recovers from crisis. He stressed the importance of engagement, openness, and social responsibility.

Growth via Transformation

Verizon EVP and CMO John Stratton discussed how the company's marketing strategy has helped it transform from a landline telephone company to a dynamic wireless services company.

The Kodak Growth Moment: Overhauling an Icon

Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, chief marketing officer and vice president, Eastman Kodak Company, discussed how the Kodak brand reinvented itself in order to compete in a digital world.

Covering Your Ads: Legal Requirements for Cutting Edge Advertising

Representatives from Reed Smith, a global-relationship law firm and ANA's outside legal counsel, shared their thoughts on the potential legal pitfalls of cutting edge advertising techniques, which are of particular interest to regulators.

IBM: Fueling Strong Growth with Accountable Marketing

Diane Brink, vice president, marketing, global technology services, IBM Corporation, discussed how IBM has reinvented itself via its "smarter planet" campaign.

Seven Secrets to How Advertising Really, Truly, Actually Works

Dan Hill, president of Sensory Logic, discussed how marketers can use emotional rather than rational messaging to reach consumers.

Bridging the Gap Between Academic Theory and Corporate Reality

Nicole Ames, senior marketing communications specialist at Liberty Mutual Group and teacher of Integrated Marketing Communications as part of Boston University School of Management's MBA program, facilitated a panel to discuss ways to bring the academic and corporate worlds closer together with the common goal of improving integrated marketing communications.

Jeff Goodby on the New Digital World

Jeff Goodby, co-founder and co-chairman of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, shared examples of successful social marketing campaigns and provided tips for marketers living in the new digital world.

Uncovering Compelling Shopper Insights

Andy Murray, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi X, discussed how marketers can overcome in-store purchase barriers by uncovering and studying the human truths found within the shopping experience.

Creating Stronger Manufacturing/Retailer Partnerships

Greg Warren, executive vice president, managing director, MediaVest, discussed how manufacturers (brands) and retailers can work together more profitably via improved shopper marketing programs.

Delivering Innovation via New Media Models in Heightened Regulatory and Hard-Driven ROI Environments

Nan-Kirsten Forte, EVP, consumer services, WebMD, shared tips from WebMD for making pharmaceutical brands stand out online.

Perspectives on the FDA & Other Marketing Restrictions

Brad DeHart, practice leader, marketing services, ICG Commerce, discussed how pharmaceutical regulatory issues may impact procurement and sourcing contacts within the pharmaceutical industry.

Big Changes Ahead with the 2010 Census

Ken Hodges, chief demographer, Nielsen Claritas, explained the format of the upcoming 2010 census and the changes that have been made to it since the 2000 Census.

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