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In this snapshot, Jo Smith and Katarina Skoberne provide an overview of, "the world's first online marketplace for buying and selling advertising, marketing, and design ideas." It offers clients access to a network of over 7,000 creatives via the Internet.

Sponsorships and ROI

Sponsorships are another marketing technique which have only been assessed through fairly superficial measures. As with PR, most of the "ROI"-type of analyses focus on the number of people who might (or did) become aware of the sponsor.

Amgen Corporate and Strategic Sourcing Overview

This presentation provides an overview of Amgen and their strategic sourcing and procurement.

Agency Compensation: Fresh Ideas and New Approaches

In this presentation, Johnson discusses value-based compensation and Anomaly's implementation of this philosophy. Anomaly is a two-year old agency.

How to Approach a Value-Based Agency Compensation Agreement

In this presentation, Tim Williams of Ignition looks at the benefits of a value-based compensation system. He also provides methods and models that can help make the transition to this system, as well as provides example of how others are making the transition.

"Firm Bid" Versus "Cost-Plus Bid" Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, three production experts talk about the pros and cons of using a firm-bid bidding process versus a cost-plus process.

High Definition 101

In this presentation,Nguyen shares the most effective technologies, including High Definition Television (HDTV) for complete end-to-end workflow efficiency.

Driving Value by Improving Amgen's Agency Partnerships

Amgen shared its internal agency relations management business model, which has made a dramatic improvement in its agency relationships.

P&G: Brand Marketing Powerhouse

This presentation explores how P&G CEO A.G. Lafley created an energized blueprint to reinvent business practices and implemented strategies to reconnect P&G with its consumer base.

Change is Essential: The Agency of Tomorrow

This presentation provides an example of the how agencies' business models need reinvention around new and more effective models for the consumer and the client.

Ten Steps to Turning a Successful Wedding into a Successful Marriage

This presentation explores the essential elements to making a client/agency relationship a marketing success.

Advertiser and Agency Relationship Longevity

This analysis explores the longevity of advertiser/agency relationships by industry, gross revenues, and agency type.

Advertising Agency Compliance and Procedural Audits

This guideline provides the steps and answers the questions associated with agency audits.

Improving Inefficient Client Work Practices

This presentation discusses why client/agency trust, loyalty and confidence are at an all time low and what can be done to improve the situation.

A "Man Bites Dog" Story: Procurement and Marketing

This presentation explores how the marketing and procurement departments at Nationwide Insurance have teamed to drive economic efficiencies, better supplier relationships, and a strategic, collaborative partnership.

Managing For Profit: New Agency Business Models for Win/Win Relationships

This presentation explores a U.K. study which defines business success as profitable ideas (for the client) that make a profit (for the agency).

One-on-One in the Trenches: Jonah Bloom Interviews Bob Greenberg of R/GA

In this interview, Bob Greenberg, CEO of R/GA offers his insights on how digital technology is changing the ad agency delivery model and the business of content creation for marketers and audience alike.

Rhythm + Hues: Visual Effects in Commercials

This session showcases how feature visual effects influence commercials.

LaserPacific: Post Production Solutions

This presentation explores various post-production solutions including the use of HD formats and digital projection.

Photographer Usage Fees

This panel discussion reviews best practices and negotiation tips for setting photographers' usage fees.

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