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With Over 400 Million Deals, A Great Price Is Only Half the Battle

Groupon’s new chief procurement officer Chuck Hatsis discussed his first 100 days in office and the challenges he faced within a dynamic business model.

Blue Bunny: Building Integration on a Challenger Brand Budget

Brad Hannah, senior vice president and CPG group practice leader at Barkley, and Kent McCuddin, director of marketing at Wells Enterprises, Inc., demonstrated how partner agency integration achieved growth for the Blue Bunny challenger brand.

How New Futuro Is Helping ALDI Drive New Engagement with Latino Millennials

Jennifer L. Woods, director of national sales and business development at New Futuro, shared key insights and metrics on how discount grocery chain ALDI, Inc. leveraged New Futuro’s education platform to reach Latino Millennials as a gateway to Latino families.

Keystone Resorts Uses Content Planning to Fully Integrate its Marketing Approach

Jordan Williams, director of marketing at Keystone Resort, and Marc Landsberg, founder and CEO of socialdeviant, discussed transforming the resort’s marketing strategy by integrating content, social media, and the traditional media mix., Mastering Social: Leveraging Social Tools for Reach, Engagement, and Acquisition

Anna Eschenburg, community manager at, and Julia Pacher, marketing manager at, discussed the most efficient and effective ways to connect to consumers using paid and organic social media.

Slideshare as the Key Social Media Platform to Drive B-to-B Lead Generation for Achievers

Katie Paterson, social media manager at Achievers, discussed its launch on SlideShare, the new network of choice for professionals sharing information.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

Jonathan Greene and Cindy Pound discussed the importance of user experience in mobile, and shared key case studies, results, and actionable takeaways for marketers to leverage for the future.

Zyrtec: The Intersection of Art, Science, and Sneezes

Zyrtec revamped its app to provide more relevant, customized content for users, and as a result, became both the most popular allergy app and mobile allergy site.

Hennessy: Reinventing a Classic for a New Generation of Consumers

Rodney Williams, senior vice president, Hennessy USA at LVMH Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, shared the success story of the brand’s growth and rebranding through a strategic marketing and advertising campaign aimed at Millennial minority men.

Scaling an Authentic Brand While Keeping It Honest

Seth Goldman, co-founder, president, and TeaEO of Honest Tea, Inc., shared insights and challenges in maintaining authenticity during Honest Tea’s innovative, mission-driven growth into a top-selling organic bottled tea company as part of The Coca-Cola Company.

Valspar: Using Marketing Innovation to Shake Up a Category

John Anton, vice president and general manager of Ace Business Unit at the Valspar Corporation, shared how marketing innovation took Valspar from a private-label manufacturer to a leading do-it-yourself consumer paint brand in just six years.

Subway: Brand Building in the Social Sphere

Tony Pace, chief marketing officer of Subway Restaurants, shared examples of Subway’s integrated approach to marketing and advertising across the social media sphere.

A Trip to TAOS: Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Global Millennial Generation

The Coca-Cola Company re-invented itself and its message to connect with Millennials around the globe.

Chrysler Marketing: This Is What We Do

Olivier François, Chief Marketing Officer of Chrysler Group LLC and Fiat Group Automobiles, encouraged marketers to align the product with the audience, moment, and culture.

Experiencing Walmart: Knowing and Doing the Will of Customers

The largest company on the planet remains relevant and ready to face the current challenges of the marketplace by staying agile, innovating, and putting the customers in charge.

General Electric: Brands in Motion

Beth Comstock, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at General Electric, shared insights on how to grow a brand when it’s constantly in flux — and build it to last.

Mars Chocolate: Amazing Occurrence, The World Agrees on Something

Debra Sandler, president of Mars Chocolate, discussed how Snickers became a global brand on the strength of one universal truth: you’re just not yourself when hungry. Becoming a Customer Company

In an increasingly interconnected world, allowed companies to network and streamline their process of connecting meaningfully with customers.

ABSOLUT Vodka: Content Marketing Case Study

ABSOLUT actively engaged across screens to effectively reach Millennials through the use of creative, shareable content.

Engagement Saves Lives

Today, “Go Red For Women” is the largest network of women dedicated to ending heart disease, which it accomplishes through storytelling and mobilizing women to take action. As a result of its efforts, more than 1.5 million women have been recruited to help the Go Red movement, and 330 fewer women are dying daily from heart disease.

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