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Breaking Through the Media Mix

Tabitha Dosch, associate director, corporate communications, and Kate Lowery, business development manager, Spark Communications, discussed how marketers can use social media platforms to get their messages heard above the growing noise in today’s media mix.

The Power of the LGBT Market

Matt Tumminello, president, Target 10, discussed key insights into the LGBT market and how marketers have leveraged these insights effectively.

Multicultural Women as the Shape Shifters of America

Melissa Lavigne-Delville, vice president strategic insights, integrated media, NBCUniversal, discussed a 2011 study about multicultural women.

And Now a Word from the Agencies (4A’s Perspective)

Mat Mildenhall, global leader, P&G, BBDO & Proximity, Tisha Kirkpatrick, P&G leader for Integer, and Michael O’Brien, EVP, Ketchum, discussed how to build better agency relationships and how to get the most from your agency partnerships.

The Hidden Drivers of Consumer Brand Loyalty

Chris Malone, chief advisory officer, Relational Capital Group, discussed how marketers can leverage a universal human behavior to increase brand loyalty.

Barter Has Arrived: Using It to Succeed in Disruptive Times

Barbara Martino, executive vice president, client development, and Kevin Farkas, senior vice president, sales and operations, Active International, discussed how corporate trade resolves a multitude of business challenges in today’s disruptive climate.

Agency Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Bruno Gralpois, head of global marketing operations, Visa Inc., discussed how performance evaluations can be used to drive real, sustainable performance from your agencies.

Living with the Internet

Beth Uyenco, global research director, Microsoft Advertising, discussed findings from a 2010 study that explored what drives people to go online and how make the best use of digital media channels in different online marketing strategies.

The Zero Moment of Truth: Shaping Yesterday’s Purchase Funnel

Jim Lecinski, managing director, U.S. sales & service, Google, and author, "Winning at the Zero Moment of Truth," and John Ross, CEO, Shopper Sciences, discussed the “Zero Moment of Truth,” user directed, digital pre-shopping activity.

8 Proven Techniques for Creating New Names

Steve Rivkin, Managing Partner, Rivkin & Associates LLC, gives you the inside scoop on how companies develop new names.

Success in Mobile: Brand Case Studies and the Latest Trends

Marcus Startzel, SVP, sales, Millennial Media, discussed the latest trends in mobile and how marketers can take advantage of them in order to meet a variety of marketing objectives.

Scope of Work

Mike Farmer, chairman and founder, Farmer & Company, discussed misalignments in scope of work practices and how a successful, well-structured SOW can help clients and agencies to determine the appropriate agency resources and fees.

Two Keys to Deliver on Your Brand Promise

John Bastone, global product marketing manager, customer intelligence, SAS, and Jim Foreman, director of circulation and analytics, Staples, Inc., discussed how using customer centricity and fact-based decision making can help you to deliver on your brand promise.

Social Media: How We Got Here and Where We're Going Next

Boris Bauer and Angela Cason, TEMPO, discuss a framework for evaluating new social media applications and choosing the ones that best fit your business objectives.

Media and Procurement

Bryan Rees, assistant director, SMGX, discussed the language of media and how national television is purchased and evaluated.

Connecting with Mobile Moms

Tina Sharkey, chairman and global president, BabyCenter, and Julie Michaelson, Midwest Regional Sales Director, BabyCenter, discussed a recent study that explored the importance of mobile in the media mix.

Nine Fundamentals for Mobile Marketing Success

Michael Becker, North American managing director, Mobile Marketing Association, discussed the importance of mobile and how marketers can develop mobile strategies to bridge traditional and digital advertising.

Compensation Guidelines for Today’s Agency World

Dave Beals, CEO, R3: JLB, and author of the ANA's recently published Agency Compensation: An ANA Guidebook, discussed guidelines and best practices for establishing an effective agency compensation plan.

Outpace the Competition: Five Technologies Marketers Need

Ray Velez, chief technology officer, and Pete Stein, president of east region, Razorfish, discussed a recent report about the five technologies that are changing the business landscape.

The Winds of Change: Market Research

Simon Chadwick, founding partner, and Ian Lewis, director, research impact consulting, Cambiar, discussed six recent and future trends in market research.

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