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Media and Procurement

Bryan Rees, assistant director, SMGX, discussed the language of media and how national television is purchased and evaluated.

Connecting with Mobile Moms

Tina Sharkey, chairman and global president, BabyCenter, and Julie Michaelson, Midwest Regional Sales Director, BabyCenter, discussed a recent study that explored the importance of mobile in the media mix.

Nine Fundamentals for Mobile Marketing Success

Michael Becker, North American managing director, Mobile Marketing Association, discussed the importance of mobile and how marketers can develop mobile strategies to bridge traditional and digital advertising.

Compensation Guidelines for Today’s Agency World

Dave Beals, CEO, R3: JLB, and author of the ANA's recently published Agency Compensation: An ANA Guidebook, discussed guidelines and best practices for establishing an effective agency compensation plan.

Outpace the Competition: Five Technologies Marketers Need

Ray Velez, chief technology officer, and Pete Stein, president of east region, Razorfish, discussed a recent report about the five technologies that are changing the business landscape.

The Winds of Change: Market Research

Simon Chadwick, founding partner, and Ian Lewis, director, research impact consulting, Cambiar, discussed six recent and future trends in market research.

Managing Advertising Excellence with Procurement

Alan Krinsky, president, Alan Krinsky Associates, and Steve Marcus, president and founder, MobiSave, discussed how to bridge the gap between procurement and agencies.

American Millennials: Deciphering the Enigma Generation

Mark Logan, VP/managing director, interactive, and Jeff Fromm, SVP/sales, marketing and innovation, Barkley, discussed the high-level findings and observations of a new study on the millennial generation.

How to Make the TV Remote Control Work for Your Brand

Michael Finn, president, and Kristin Youngling, design intelligence director, BrightLine, discussed interactive television (iTV) advertising and how marketers can use it to increase consumer engagement with their brands.

Agency Relations for Procurement Professionals

Joanne Davis, president, Joanne Davis Consulting, Inc., and partner, SCAN International, discussed the different types of agencies and the various roles and responsibilities within them.

AVEENO and Recyclebank: Sustainable Marketing That Works

Samantha Skey, chief revenue officer, Recyclebank, discussed their partnership with AVEENO and how they are using social challenge to drive brand engagement and green action.

iPad: Beyond a Toy, How to Make it Work for Marketers

Rex Briggs, CEO, Marketing Evolution, discussed ten ways that the Apple iPad can be an effective and efficient tool for the busy marketer.

Demystifying Marketing Procurement

Gerry Preece, consultant, and Russel Wohlwerth, principal, Ark Advisors, discussed how the marketing procurement space is different from the standard materials procurement space.

Washington and the Internet: Does Washington Want the Truth? (Welcome to the Bully Pulpit)

Douglas J. Wood, partner, Reed Smith, LLC, discussed the current hurdles, government regulations, risks, and best practices for marketers in relation to digital media and the internet.

How to Valuate, Activate, and Measure the Impact of Sponsorship

Michael Goldstein, manager of consumer promotions and sponsorships, LG, Stefanie Francis, vice president, research, and Scott Horowitz, director, business development, Navigate, Inc., discussed LG’s recent sponsorship of the NCAA.

How to Speak to Women So They’ll Listen

Kristi Faulkner, president and co-founder, Womenkind discussed how marketers can successfully engage women by creating brand messaging that speaks to them.

9 Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Greg Cangiolosi, CEO, Blue Sky Factory, Inc., discussed the nine email marketing mistakes that many marketers are making, and suggested tactical ways to improve on each critical area of campaign planning and execution.

Social Media, R.I.P.-Is What Comes Next What Came Before?

Jonathan Salem Baskin, Author, Histories of Social Media, discussed the end of social media as we know it, ways to think differently about your brand, and how to make better use of social media tools.

Five Key Concepts for Improving Marketing/Finance Connection

Pat LaPointe, managing partner, MarketingNPV, discussed tools that marketers can use to bridge the gap between marketing and finance and to translate marketing strategies into a language that finance will understand and value.

Cultureography, a New Dimension in Consumer Insight

John Krubski, chairman of the International Thought Leadership Council, discussed how research and cultureography can help brands gain consumer insights.

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