Brand Positioning Agencies and Consultants

January 12, 2007

The Question:

An ANA member said:

"Ten years ago, my company underwent a major brand overhaul. Now we're looking for a brand positioning company and/or consultant that will help us evaluate and shape our brand positioning for the future. In other words, we do not want another major overhaul, just a freshening. And we want someone not connected with our ad agencies - someone who'll approach the project with a fresh, unbiased eye."

Response #1

I would suggest that they contact Santi Pujadas at Zer0 to 5ive. They have offices in New York, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Boston. Santi can be reached at 610-608-5237. His email is

Response #2

I would recommend Copernicus Marketing and Research, Kevin Clancy's company in the Boston area. I used them recently for help with messaging/positioning for a new product and really appreciate their holistic view and insightful thought process. I'm not sure how well connected to agencies they are, but know that they have been in marketing for many, many years.

Response #3

Last year we went through a similar process ourselves. We selected Hornall Anderson Design Works out of Seattle for the project. While they are owned by Omnicom, they are independent of any agency. They did an outstanding job for us and were very reasonably priced. Much more responsive and creative than the "big ones" like Landor or CoreBrand. Our contact is Michelle McRae: 206-826-2362. I highly recommend them.

Response #4

I would try Interbrand or Mullen in Boston.

Response #5

We are working with a company on the very same exercise. The company is Vivaldi Partners and they are excellent. Their CEO is Erich Joachimsthaler. Their HQ is in New York. His direct number is 646-278- 2950. His email is

Response #6

We didn't work with an outside agency to develop our corporate repositioning...we did the work in-house. However, we do have an ongoing relationship with a small agency out of NY called CoreBrand...their CBA research helped inform our strategy. They may be a good source.

Response #7

We have used Interbrand for the last 18 months and I personally have found them extremely capable, global, trustworthy, and good value. I am sure that they would make a good contender for such work. We appointed them after a review of approximately 10 agencies and had 4 pitch to us in both NY and London.

Response #8

We've used CoreBrand at all levels: strategically, tactically, broad scope and small-scale projects. They are simply first-rate.

Response #9

We have worked in the past with both Landor and Enterprise IG, tow of the larger agencies in the space. The Landor project was more recent but more major ( a complete repositioning for our parent company's brand) and the Enterprise assignment was about 5 years ago, but was more of what I would call a "refresh." I was pleased with both agencies' work.

Response #10

We have used two wonderful consultants on this issue. I can't recommend either of them enough.

Maureen Craig
(609) 760-9498

Judith Wright
The Wright Group
(415) 388-1515

Maureen is East Coast-based but does a lot of work on the west coast and Judith is West Coast-based but does a lot of work on the East Coast.

Response #11

Lippincott Mercer Consulting is very good, but may be more comprehensive than this person wants.

Future Brand is another option that would be able to take on a tune up.

For a list of other firms, please consult the ANA Marketing Insights Center's Consultant Directories which includes compilations of Brand Strategy and Corporate/Brand Identity and design firms.

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