Reasons why an Advertiser or Agency should use Ad-ID

May 10, 2007


Advertising Digital Identification, LLC  

Reasons why an Advertiser or Agency should use Ad-ID

Ad-ID is a capability to identify advertising assets across all media.  By using Ad-ID and promoting the use of it's' web services, workflow between advertiser/agency/distribution, and the media are improved.

ISCI has been the standard for many years, and does not provide centralized access to information about the asset.  Ad-ID is accessible by any party that is authorized to do so by the advertiser or its agency.

  • Do you realize that the information about your ads get re-keyed about 8 times from the time the ad is created to the time it gets invoiced?

Companies exclusively use the UPC standard to code their products for tracking and inventory.  The reason this system works is there is a central source to access data about UPC codes.  Why should coding your Advertising assets be any different?

Ad-ID is a Web-based system accessible 24/7 worldwide that generates a unique identifying code for each advertising asset.

With ISCI, there is a possibility of duplicating codes because prefixes for different brands have been recycled, not only do editing facilities charge to re-slate each tape with a new code, it could take hours to research, and fix depending on the size of advertiser and number of spots.

  • The cost of fixing an ISCI "mistake" can range from hundreds of dollars to re-slate and redistribute spots, to millions of dollars for spots run incorrectly.

Ad-Id's web service interface with other systems, to eliminate manual re-keying of information that often causes costly errors, as well as help streamline ad information and distribution throughout the entire process.

Reasons why an Advertiser or Agency should use Ad-ID

  1. Using Ad-ID and its' web service assures that the correct assets are delivered, to the media, and ultimately to the end consumer, and ultimately, marketing objectives are met.
  2. Ad-ID provides a central (secure Web-based) sou... To read more download the PDF version.

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