Alternative Titles for "Account Manager"

March 16, 2007

The Question

"A fellow ANA member would like your insight. The member has an internal agency structure and asks:

"If you have an internal agency structure, what do you call the "account management" role that exists within the agency? We currently call it client services, and I'm thinking we need to change it because that term doesn't give the collaborative impression that I think account management does."

Below are the responses that we received from our members:

Member Response #1

At [our company] we have an internal creative group and production.  They have traditional titles such as creative director, production manager, etc.  The "account management" role is titled Managers, Marketing Communications. 

We also work with an outside agency.  They handle more our branding and marketing plans.  Where as our internal group handles the literature, tradeshows, website, etc.

Member Response #2

In our (internal) Creative Services group, we've used the following two titles:

  • Account Manager
  • Client Service Representative

Member Response #3

My title has been Account Manager. And we have project managers that function in client service type roles. 

Member Response #4

I don't know if this directly applies, but we have a group of marcom managers who are the interface between the line of business and all corporate marketing specialty functions, including creative services. They do not sit "in" creative services, but when they work with creative services vs. an outside agency they act as the "account management" role.  We refer to this group as "marketing relationship managers".

Member Response #5

We do not have an internal agency, so I can't assist from experience here. I have to believe that account management is better than account services as it further implies "collaboration" vs. "order taking".  But frankly, for an internal agency, I would pick something different as there are no "accounts" so to speak. Perhaps "[Name of Marcom Discipline] Engagement Manager", i.e. "Advertising Engagement Manager. My 2 cents.


"Alternative Titles for 'Account Manager.'" Agency Relations Committee, 03/16/07.