Global Exhibit Suppliers for Trade Shows

August 11, 2008

The Question

An ANA member requested recommendations from other ANA members for global exhibit suppliers for trade shows.  The supplier would need global Installation and dismantle capabilities, creative design and construction, and storage. In addition, they should have a cost-conscious mentality, with a focus on reusability of exhibit pieces and should have experience working with clients in highly regulated industries.  


Thirteen members of the Sponsorship & Event Marketing Committee have provided recommendations. Their complete responses can be found below.

The Responses

Member Response #1

I highly and without hesitation recommend Sparks Exhibits and Environments out of Philadelphia.  My account executive Dave Sparks is an exceptional account executive, and the most flexible work partner I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my 11 years in the trade show business.  

[Our company] uses several different exhibit houses for their various tiers of trade shows, special events and executive briefing centers - but Sparks by far performs the best.   

Feel free to have our fellow ANA member contact Dave direct at:

Dave Sparks
Sparks Exhibits & Environments
2828 Charter Road
Phila, PA 19154
Tel #215-681-5437

Member Response #2

It is without hesitation that I'd recommend our global exhibit supplier, Pico World. 

Member Response #3

I would recommend that the member talk to Ed Klimkowski at Skyline Metro Chicago. His number is 312-733-0770 ect.231,

Skyline Metro Chicago goes way above and beyond in helping clients!

Member Response #4

I have a couple of recommendations which I have listed below.  Both exhibit houses fulfill all the requirements listed in your note.

Access TCA
100 Evergreen Blvd.
Duluth, GA  30096
Michele Miller

Exhibitor Source by Skyline (Showroom)
141 S. Gay St
Knoxville, TN  37902

Martha Kopp, Design Consultant
OR John Hamari, Owner

Exhibitor Source by Skyline Headquarters
144 Bain Drive, Suite 100
LaVergne, Tennessee  37086

Member Response #5

I would recommend Skyline. For the Columbus, Ohio area the contact info is:
Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio
2801 Charter Street
Columbus, OH 43228
Contact: Mark & Jeanette Armbrust
Phone: 614-684-2050
FAX: 614-684-2055

Member Response #6

I recommend Blue Hive, Inc.  The principals have worked at all the major exhibit companies and were the founders of Folio (way back).

Member Response #7

We use Czarnowski and we are very happy with their performance.  They fit all of the criteria you stated below.


John Hally, Jr. (Jack)
Executive Vice President
7 Coppage Drive
Worcester, MA 01603
tel:  508-581-9560 x225
fax: 508-581-9561

Member Response #8

I would recommend Crest Technologies for the TSE commodity service you inquiring about. I am unsure about their global reach, but they are the approved supplier for [our company]  in terms of exhibitry design, I&D, etc.

Member Response #9

We use The Taylor Group.   They create all of our exhibit spaces in the US (using a modular system that we reuse)

The contact there is David Hunter

Member Response #10

The only supplier I can think of would be Blue Media, They are the ones that we order banners through. They should have all the capabilities [the member] needs.

Member Response # 11

We have worked with Exhibit Group for more than 45 years.  They have continually evolved with our changing business needs, budgets, growth and reduction requirements; providing [our company] with a consistent solution throughout the years.  Following, as a contact for your member, is our account executive.

Jane Tabisz | Sr. Account Executive
e x h i b i t g r o u p  |  g i l t s p u r
Main 630-307-2400   |  Fax 630-351-7899
Direct 630-351-7898 |  Mobile 630-640-9427 |

Member Response #12

MC2  -- exceptionally responsive and reliable. They have global capabilities as well.. I would highly recommend.

Member Response #13

We use a company in the US called CEP out of Chicago.  They are members of OctiNorm, an international group of exhibit companies.  When we need a design in Europe, Asia or anywhere else, it is designed in the US (so we can control the design) and then built locally to save costs.  OctiNorm sets standards.  Companies must meet these standards in order to be members.  There are multiple members in larger countries.

It's a pretty good system.  It might be more expensive than going direct, but it saves on consistency and standardization of booth design, graphics and branding.


"Global Exhibit Suppliers for Trade Shows." ANA Sponsorship & Event Marketing Committee, August 2008.