Psychological Research Moderators

April 30, 2008

The Question

A fellow ANA member is seeking names of moderators for psychological research. Specifically, they are looking for moderators that can go beyond traditional qualitative techniques and conduct in-depth research on consumer beliefs and motivations. Ideally, the moderator would have a PhD in psychology or similar field.


This benchmark was posed to the ANA Research Committee, and twelve ANA members responded with research moderator referrals.

Two moderators received more than one recommendation: Dr. Sam Cohen of Great Neck, New York and Dr. Garland Roper of Fairfield, Connecticut (Each received two recommendations).

Members of the ANA Research Committee shared these recommendations and comments:

One member said: "Forbes Consulting specializes in this area.  I have used Gar Roper previously for many projects (prior to his employment by Forbes).  Gar is one of the moderators that are employed by Forbes Consulting.  However, they have many moderators."


One member commented: "I haven't used him for over 5 years, but Sam Cohen, of Psychologics would be an excellent choice.  Sam is/was a practicing psychotherapist who communicates in a very non-technical way.  


The member offered: "Darryl Travis and his team at Brandtrust do a lot of psychological probing (first impressions, avoiding priming, etc) to get at emotional drivers."


The member said, "This moderator is exceptional. "


  • Dr. Ed King

The member offered: "I can recommend Dr. Ed King. He has a PhD in Psychology and has been Executive Director and Associate Director of two large, well respected research departments in commercial firms.  He has experience in perceptual through sensory work as applied to new products, existing portfolios, and advertising."


  • Dr. Richard Luker
    Chief Strategy officer
    Relay Worldwide in Chicago


  • Marilyn O'Brien
    Ipsos-Understanding UnLtd.

    The member offered:

    "I've worked with Marilyn for many years... has had own business for over 10 years.  Just bought out by not a traditional big company qual firm. She has a staff of moderators that have all kinds of experience, and she is the person that could direct your client to the actual moderator."



  • Hal Sokolow
    Applied Behavioral Dynamics

The member said, "I've been using him for years."


"Psychological Research Moderators."