Copy Testing Metrics

March 25, 2009

The Question

A member requested the perspective of the ANA's Research Committee on which metrics should be considered essential for copy testing.

The Response

One member offered their response, emphasizing breakthrough and brand linkage as the particularly critical:

  • I'd say the following five high-level measures are key:
    • Breakthrough
    • Brand Linkage
    • Likeability / Relevance
    • Message Communication
    • Response / Consideration Intent

No one measure is always the most important - all are always important, but the most important one or two may vary depending on the objectives of any particular campaign or effort (I will say that strong Breakthrough and Brand Linkage are always really important because if the ad doesn't get noticed and then if your company doesn't get linked to the advertising, then how you do on the rest of the measures really doesn't matter because no one is noticing the ad in the first place and/or some other company is getting credit for it). In terms of what is success, we'd always like to at least match the All Commercial norms, but sometimes we're satisfied with matching the Category norms (which for our industry tend to always be lower than the All Commercial norms). With this said, however, we're always trying to improve our scores vs. the norms, the scores of our key competitors' ads and our previous ad campaigns. No matter how well we do, we try to be more effective the next time around so it's a never-ending process to further improve our advertising.


"Copy-Testing Metrics." ANA Research Committee, March 2009.