A Marketing Identity Check: Differentiated Capabilities Earn the "Right to Win"

September 30, 2011

Executive Summary

A series of disruptive forces is redefining what it takes to deliver marketing excellence. These forces include a growing emphasis on individuals and their role in communities, the rise of mobility, the proliferation of consumer data and technology, and an increasing need for business-to-business collaboration to effectively meet business customer needs. These trends are upending traditional marketing models by fundamentally changing the nature of buying decisions, including what, how, and where consumers and businesses purchase products and services.

Booz & Company, Korn/Ferry International, and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) recently conducted a survey of 350 senior marketing professionals across many industries to find out how the role of marketing is evolving at their companies in response to these changes in the marketing and media ecosystem. Their responses reveal that most are trying to tackle the challenge by spreading their bets across a variety of capabilities, a multipronged approach that is exacerbating funding, talent, and other resource constraints.

With so much in flux, and so much at stake, now is the time to follow the lead of best-in-class marketing organizations that are establishing their “right to win” in their respective markets by narrowing their focus and investing selectively in a few differentiated capabilities where they can create a distinct competitive advantage. Once these priorities are established, marketing leaders can methodically evaluate their talent needs, create tailored compensation and incentive programs to drive capability-building behaviors, and attract and cultivate the kinds of future leaders who will enable their companies to adapt and succeed in any environment.

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"A Marketing  Identity Check: Differentiated Capabilities Earn  the 'Right to Win.'" Booz & Co., Korn/Ferry International, and ANA. 2011.