Seven Steps to Build Digital Communities

February 13, 2007

This checklist provides seven steps for building digital communities to build your business.

1. Observe the Conversations

Observe the conversations


2. Recruit Community Members

Four Reasons People Join Online Communities

Digital Media Marketing; Digital Media Relations

3. Evaluate Online Conduit Strategies

Evaluate online conduit strategies

4. Engage Communities in Conversation.

Take it to the consumer: Address needs and inspire viral perpetuation.

Engage communities in conversation.

Take it to the influencers: Build content that facilitates a conversation.

Digital Media Relations

Communispace's Ten Rules For Private Communities

  1. Invite the right people, keep it private and small.

  2. View members as advisors to the company.

  3. Find the social glue, make it member-centric.

  4. Work at building the community.

  5. Be genuine, encourage candor.

  6. Just plain ask.

  7. Pay even more attention to what members initiate.

  8. Don't squelch the negative.

  9. Don't ask too much, too often.

  10. Use the right mix of technologies and methodologies, and keep experimenting.

5. Measure the Community's Involvement


Qualitative Measurement Quantitative Measurement
Share of conversation Downloads/installs
Brand perception Membership
Engagement Real market share
Tone of digital dialogue Sales
Relationships Site ranking

Quantitative Measurement

Qualitative Measurement

6. Promote Your Community to the World

7. Improve the Community's Benefits


"Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business." Marijean Lauzier, CEO, Digital Influence Group. ANA Business-to-Business Committee Meeting, 02/13/07.