Keep ‘Em Coming Back: Loyalty Programs Driving Brand Success

August 29, 2017

By ANA Staff

The days of blind consumer loyalty are over. Today, if brands want customers to keep coming back, they need to offer something more, something that can differentiate them from competition. One way to do this is through loyalty programs, which reward customer engagement with discounts, exclusive content, or freebies. Read below to see how brands like T-Mobile and Dunkin’ Donuts are inspiring customer loyalty through custom apps and programs.

  1. With fresh research and a focus on innovation, Wyndham Rewards — the guest loyalty program of Wyndham Hotel Group — redefined what a hotel loyalty program could be. Bucking industry trends of confusing reward categories and devalued points, the new program made it simple and easy for members to earn the reward they want most: a free night’s stay.
  2. To combat consumer distrust of loyalty programs, T-Mobile created "T-Mobile Tuesdays," a content delivery system that gave customers loyalty rewards through mobile and web platforms. The app included features such as in-app messaging, push notifications, and pre-loaded social posts to keep customers informed about opportunities to win.
  3. In 2012, Dunkin’ Donuts launched its Perks mobile app, allowing customers to earn free beverages for their purchases. By 2014, there were more than three million members of the mobile program. In an era when 80 percent of mobile apps are deleted after one use, Dunkin’ Donuts has kept customers engaged and incentivized with its app and continues to build loyalty for its brand.
  4. Miller's "Wear the High Life" loyalty program helped bring a fading brand out of obscurity by putting a spotlight on the values it shared with its drinkers. The promotion drove retail trips and sales of High Life by providing the brand's drinkers with authentic items through a partnership with like-minded streetwear designer Benny Gold.
  5. Millennials typically join loyalty programs for two reasons: to gain monetary rewards and to access exclusive experiences. To prove to millennials that the Marriott Rewards program was a provider of experiences, the hotel brand offered its members exclusive access to musical content from singer Demi Lovato.

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