Masters of Integrated Marketing Conference 2006 Best Practices

June 14, 2006

  1. Develop a business council comprised of all the company's marketing leaders. Agree to top objectives and strategies. Focus efforts on one or two integrated programs a year.
  2. Create a collaborative planning process that includes field-marketing, corporate planning and sales.
  3. Marketing and sales must communicate.
  4. Develop the right internal organizational structure.
  5. Commit to spend. Prioritize marketing expenditures and own the markets you choose.
  6. Know the consumer.
  7. When managing a complicated program comprised of multiple agencies determine roles and responsibilities and have one dedicated person to manage it.
  8. Marketing in the Blogosphere - Study & listen before you launch - have a dedicated person looking for people talking about your brand.
  9. An integrated PR campaign must be organic, it can't be forced.
  10. Start with the idea and be media neutral.
  11. Measure it. Know what's working and what's isn't. Learn from what's not working. Then share the knowledge.
  12. Establish an Integrated Marketing Communications leadership position.
  13. Have the right metrics. Simplistic metrics like copy testing will not do.
  14. Develop the message for the specific market.
  15. Elevate the importance of active and robust communications to partners and internal constituencies.
  16. Create a mechanism that cascades knowledge throughout the organization.
  17. Identify who your brand evangelists are and create special programs for them.

"Masters of Integrated Marketing Conference 2006 Best Practices." Bill Duggan, Executive Vice President, ANA. ANA Masters of Integrated Marketing Conference, 06/14/06.