Infographics: Marketing Disruption II: The Marketer Strikes Back

November 23, 2015

Executive Summary

In July 2015, ANA collaborated with McKinsey & Company and GfK on the Marketing Disruption II Study to uncover how marketers are responding, reacting and changing based on these disruptions.

5 Key Findings:

  1. The challenge of overcoming the complexity of today’s marketing to meet consumer expectations remains the most disruptive force, with increased concerns over agile competitors.
  2. Taking on the competitive challenge, marketers are grabbing a more central role in driving business growth.
  3. Revenue growth can be increased by focusing resources on delivering a highly personalized customer experience.
  4. Culture and structure of the marketing organization are being forced to change by new roles and the need for a customer-centric focus.
  5. In the face of marketing disruption companies want to try everything from building new capabilities to finding new partners.  Marketers need to avoid a “let’s do it all” approach and maintain clear focus on how to address customer needs to set a successful investment agenda.

(Please click the link to the right to download the Infographics, Data Charts, McKinsey Executive Summary, and full Research Report.)


"Infographics: Marketing Disruption II: The Marketer Strikes Back." ANA, 2015.

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