To Help Reignite Ad Council Jamaica, Just Look to the Past

November 1, 2012

By George Perlov, Principal at George Perlov Consulting

Sometimes you have to get out of your own country to be reminded of what really works in social marketing campaigns. I was recently invited to help the newly re-formed leadership team of Ad Council Jamaica reignite the organization after a limited start in 2009. As part of my research for the project, I conducted a series of interviews with stakeholders working in media, advertising, government and corporations as well as at NGOs.

When I asked them if there were any Jamaican social issue campaigns that stuck out in their heads I was fascinated to discover that to a person, everyone I spoke with cited a campaign from the '70's called "Two is Better than Too Many," which was sponsored by Jamaica's National Family Planning Board. The campaign is widely credited for successfully reducing the average number of children per family in the country from an unsustainable six to just over two currently.

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"To Help Reignite Ad Council Jamaica, Just Look to the Past." George Perlov, Principal, George Perlov Consulting. The Internationalist. Number 60, 2012.