Innovators Are Critical to Moving

November 1, 2012

Every year since 2006, The Internationalist has named those agency executives who possess the rare ability to rethink current notions of brand building by simplifying complex internal processes, encouraging collaboration, managing risk while working in the midst of fast change, keeping sight of "the big idea," championing multinational strategy, and involving customers directly in the creative process. Known as Innovators, they underscore how break-through thinking knows no bounds of geography, age, company size, or title within today's agency organizations.

This marks The Internationalist's seventh annual Innovators and celebrates 30 men and women from agencies around the global who were nominated by their industry colleagues. According to their peers, the 2012 Innovators are leading lights — champions of multinational strategy, adept at innovative communications, individuals who think about advertising in new ways, and advocates of responsible brand- building.

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"Innovators Are Critical to Moving." The Internationalist. Number 60, 2012.