Navigating the Murky Media Waters of RTB, DSPs, DMPs, and ATBs

May 1, 2013

The advertising business has always been full of buzzwords and acronyms; today the following terms are attracting tremendous attention: automated buying, real-time bidding (RTB), demand side platforms (DSPs), Ad Exchanges, Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Agency Trading Desks (ATBs).

Google predicts that the future digital display market will be worth USD $50 billion, and perhaps as much as 50% of future trading will be conducted through a real-time bidding process. Without question, RTB has grown quickly, although not all publishers have embraced it as many express  concerns about "devaluation" of their inventory. Most agency holding company estimates show that real-time buying currently represents less than 20% of total digital display advertising.

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"Navigating the Murky Media Waters of RTB, DSPs, DMPs, and ATBs." Darren Woolley, Founder, Trinityp3, and Michael Smith, Managing Partner, ID Comms. The Internationalist. Number 63, 2013.