ANA Sees Growing Trend to In-House Agencies

September 1, 2013

An increasing number of marketers are relying on in-house agencies to take more ownership of their advertising and marketing strategies, while also admitting to cost saving advantages.

The study was conducted among 203 marketers in May and June with follow up in July and August.

Key findings include:

The penetration of in-house agencies has increased 16 percentage points, to 58 percent, from a similar 2008 ANA survey.

This increase is, in part, a reflection of the economic environment in which corporations have reduced budgets and are being challenged to do more with less. Moving the agency in-house — or increasing the role of an existing in-house agency — can help reduce costs.

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"ANA Sees Growing Trend to In-House Agencies." The Internationalist. Number 65, 2013.