The Global Affluent Tribe

September 1, 2013

Connected more by what they love than by where they live

Mark Miller, chief strategy officer at Team One, an ad agency with global expertise and proprietary research in premium categories and affluent consumers, would be the first to admit that people can be clearly segmented by the things that make them different. However, he firmly believes that today's affluent and influential class has grown increasingly connected by the things they share in common.

In fact, he calls them the Global Affluent Tribe, a term that emerged after several years of study, based largely on research launched in 2010, and since maintained, in mature, evolving and emerging economies, including the United States, Western Europe,
Japan, Brazil, China, India, Russia and the Middle East.

The research identified that there is a growing global affluent tribe who are more united
by what they love than by where they live,
and are connected by five core unifying values: mobility, success, status, belonging and consumption.

According to Miller, these five priorities have long been among the concerns of the wealthy. Today, however, the Global Affluent Tribe
is reinterpreting how they are expressed, particularly after experiencing the recent Great Recession. And that transformation makes a difference to brands that embrace such changing values as they can achieve a new global relevance in our modern, connected world.

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